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Build user-friendly applications for your clients, admins, content creators and company teams.

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A good frontend can make or break your web or mobile application investment. Responsive design and user interfaces are essential for application usability, successful adoption and high conversion rates. Find out why you should let experts with years of experience improve your applications for your users, administrators and the whole team through bespoke frontend development.

Why Should You Entrust Us with Your Frontend Development?



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Your Customers Will Find what They are Looking for and Convert Thanks to UX/UI Best Practices


A well-designed user interface is crucial to retaining users and keeping them engaged. Our design team will ensure your interface is clean and easy to use. Not only is the interface designed for you, but it is also thoroughly tested to work across browsers and devices without delay and with flawless responsiveness.

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Your Admins Will Manage your site and make changes fast and with ease with Intuitive Admin Panels


Your admins and content creators are also users of the product you want to build, and they will thank you for a well-designed and responsive work environment. Out UX/UI designers build intuitive admin panels and CMS structures with reusable components for seamless workflows and save time on cross-browser web development. 

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Mobile Users Will Enjoy Contemporary and Intuitive Smartphone Apps Developed by Skilled Mobile Developers


Our team of developers can help you create responsive and user-friendly mobile applications that work seamlessly across multiple devices and the most popular mobile operating systems. We can build simple or complex applications that are clear and functional for your users.

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Product Information and Digital Asset Management for Cross-Platform and Multibranch Development Will Help Your Business Thrive


If your business is growing and you need to integrate multiple platforms or websites under one front end, we have experience with large projects like this. We can help you create systems such as PIM and DIM to keep your products and assets well organised as you scale, without your users having to move between platforms or websites.

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Migrations and Legacy Systems Modernisation Will Free Your Infrastructure from Limitations and Make it Scalable for Years


If you haven’t modernised your frontend in a while, we will help you migrate from old frameworks and modernise legacy systems for better overall website or application performance and seamless scalability for a growing user base. With our expertise in frontend and backend, our specialists will help you with API connections, database connections and third-party service integrations (like payment gateways). With DevOps automation, your frontend can be more scalable and efficient while infusing your app solutions with advanced technologies like AI and ML will help you get the most out of the changes by, for example, increasing the accessibility via automated text-to-speech generation.

Frontent Development Company

Choose a Frontend Development Solutions Company that Thinks of All Your Users

End Users

Nothing deters users more than a website or application that is clunky, counterintuitive and hard to navigate. Even if you have valuable content or products, users who can’t quickly move around the interface to get to the interesting page or category will leave and not look back. Good frontend practices will help you build an application that encourages users to stay and return. Here are a few examples of how we’ll help you achieve it.

Ensure Clean Information Architecture

Divide the content into logical categories and subcategories in a reasonable hierarchy so users can understand the page structure and find the information they seek. It will allow them to engage with your content or products in your online store. By combining coding and design technologies, you can create a structure and styling that would enable smooth navigation.

Unify Navigation Elements Across all Sites or Platforms

Consistency in navigation allows end users to learn the structure of the website or application more quickly, thus reaching the content they need easily. Ensure that menus, links, and buttons are consistent throughout the platform so that once learned, they can stay in users’ heads without relearning them on every related site or subpage.

Make It Accessible

Your application will benefit from accommodating users with special needs. For example, by implementing keyboard navigation, creating ARIA landmarks for screen readers to identify the elements of alt text, and creating accessible menus, you will expand your user base and adhere to legal accessibility standards.

Apply Responsive Web Design (RWD) for Cross-Device Compatibility

Utilising RWD in frontend development helps ensure that your website, application, or service preserves quality on various devices. The interface will adjust to the user’s device without losing any functionality.

Constantly Improve Conversions with  User Testing

Tools like A/B testing and feature flags will allow you to research your users and make informed decisions on potential new features or design changes. Testing two versions of an interface or deploying a feature only to a specific group of users will allow you to examine the response and make the best choice on global deployment that will align with your user preferences.

Why Invest In a Quality Frontend For End User?

  • A clean, easy-to-use and navigate application encourages users to interact with the content or make purchases in your store, increasing sales and conversions.
  • A well-designed website or application will differentiate your service from the competition, gaining you an advantage in the industry with user loyalty and retention.
  • You make a lasting good impression on your users, and they will return and possibly bring new ones via word-of-mouth referrals.
Dedicated Frontent Development Team

Admins and Content Creators

Ease of content management and deployment is essential from the admin and content creator’s perspective. It can influence the productivity, effectiveness and quality of produced content. Without it, you might need to increase the training budget and compromise on quality due to lower productivity and effectiveness within deadlines. See how you can help your admins, content creators, and businesses with expert frontend developers.

Collaboration Features for Streamlined Content Management Process

Collaboration features in frontend development significantly enhance productivity and streamline content management. Version control tools prevent work loss and enable historical edit tracking. Customisable editorial workflows ensure content meets necessary standards before publication. Permission settings maintain content integrity by restricting access based on user roles, and real-time collaboration tools and commenting features facilitate immediate feedback and brainstorming among team members for increased productivity and efficiency.

Headless and Decoupled CMS for more Effective Content Creation and Deployment

Headless and decoupled content management systems separate frontend from backend, allowing you to deploy content across multiple frontends. Their APIs enable consistent content delivery across different platforms. Your creators can deploy content to all of them using the interface they’re familiar with, while frontend developers can work independently on the platforms, design and features.

Why Invest In a Quality Frontend For Admins and Content Creators?

  • Faster content creation saves money, allows content creators to focus on more meaningful tasks
  • Faster response time for in-application changes and fixes
  • Higher team morale thanks to an intuitive interface that can carry over to multiple website or app frontends
  • Integrating new features, services, and platforms without disrupting your admins’ and content creators’ workflow saves you on training costs using a single CMS for multiple frontends. This separation of content management from delivery ensures scalable, high-performance operations that can handle high traffic loads and seamlessly support business expansion into new areas. Frontent Development Team

Sales and IT Teams

Lack of consistency in your digital efforts will not help your brand gain trust and recognition among users, leading to lower sales. Poor security and data privacy practices can involve additional costs in case of data leaks and breaches. Lack of scalability in times of traffic influx can cause an influx of tickets to your user and IT support teams. Here’s how to utilise frontend development solutions to solve all of the above problems

Build and Maintain Trust with a Secure Data Privacy Policy and Solid Security Measures

By transparently communicating how user data is collected, used, and protected, you can assure your users about your commitment to privacy. By using advanced security technologies such as encryption, secure socket layers (SSL), and rigorous compliance with international data protection regulations (like GDPR), you can communicate to your users that their trust is well-placed. Frontend practices such as easy-to-find privacy statements and user consent forms will reinforce that trust through transparency.

Scaleable Frontend Development Will Help You Maintain Good Performance and Reduce the Strain on Support Teams

Efficient code and architecture help your website or application handle high-traffic loads without performance loss and hindering user experience. Thus, requests for IT and user support regarding performance issues are reduced. The frontend team can apply code optimisation and file compression techniques to deliver content to users swiftly. Using Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) enables the distribution of load-caching static assets in multiple geographical locations closer to users for faster content delivery and reduced strain on servers and, ultimately, performance-related issues.

Create a Unified Branding Across Your Digital Efforts to Increase Awareness

A unified frontend design across all user touchpoints on different devices will ensure that all branding elements are consistent and reflect the same elements. It involves using a standard set of design guidelines that dictate using specific colour schemes, typography styles, logo placements, and other visual elements. It will help you enforce brand identity, support recognition, and strengthen your position in the competitive market.

Why Invest In a Quality Frontend For Sales and IT Teams?

  • Maintaining robust data privacy and security policies will help you avoid inconsistencies with requirements and potentially costly consequences of insufficient adherence.
  • Building transparent communication with users regarding their data privacy will develop and maintain trust.
  • Solutions that can scale up and down as necessary will help maintain steady performance, reducing the strain on your IT and user support teams.
  • Increased brand awareness will help you retain users and encourage new ones to engage with your services.
Frontent Development Specialists

Success Stories: Frontend We Developed for Our Clients

You don’t have to just trust our word. Here are some projects our frontend teams carried out for our clients:

We Unified User Experience Across Platforms while Ensuring Quality and Smooth Operation

  • TBA, the leading European e-commerce auctioning provider, acquired new brands that needed to be integrated into one intuitive system, ensuring a unified experience for users of all the integrated brands.
  • Our team used the monorepo method to build a single repository for shared code, significantly reducing deployment time without significant downtime.
  • This way, we built a multi-brand, unified platform with a seamless experience for all brand users.
  • With experience in migrations and modernising legacy systems, we made changes without disturbing the platform operations.

    Our UX/UI Team Created a User-Friendly Interface for a Sports Mobile App

    • Our partner wanted to build an app to detect the user’s pose during exercises, analysing and correcting their technique.
    • One critical element was an intuitive interface that allowed users to access their sessions’ history and technique assessments.
    • Our UX/UI experts designed a responsive, clean front of the application that allowed users to view their past exercises and progress in improving the technique.

    We Redesigned a Football Gamification App for a More Intuitive and Engaging User Experience

    • Kicker Ace was a gamification project by Sports Computing – a Norwegian sports technology startup.
    • The app aimed to track the ball’s trajectory while shooting on goal.
    • Our client needed an app redesign to be more clean and user-friendly.
    • We developed a new UI design that allows users to sign in and choose from different training programs easily.

    Our Frontend Developers Built an Intuitive Environment for Map Personalisation in the Dairy Industry

    • Our product, MuuMap, offers an entirely new way of handling dairy transportation.
    • One of the main conveniences is that every truck driver can have a tablet with detailed maps of country roads.
    • To ensure that the maps were accurate and up to date, we built a personalisation framework that allowed us to add and remove objects as necessary.
    • As a result, our team built a responsive interface with interactive maps that can be updated with new roads and objects as necessary.

    Words from Our Clients

    Review Quote
    We were blown away by the quality of the product that delivered. It was exactly what we had imagined, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.
    Yaron Schwarcz
    Co-owner of 0101.Games
    Review Quote
    Your team is doing a great job, working fast, and always seems to understand what we need and deliver high quality. I’m happy that we managed to deploy the create token functionality to production on time. It was an important milestone.
    I feel like all people you brought on to the project are competent and know what they are doing. I like the quality that is being delivered
    You put a lot of attention on us, which I appreciate. I’m very optimistic about our cooperation 🙂
    Radko Albrecht
    Founder, and CEO at Bitbond
    Review Quote
    Kotlin stands apart as a distinct language with notable advantages, particularly in the realm of functional programming. When we started using Kotlin with functional programming techniques, our team got really excited about it! It made it easier to bring in new people who were genuinely interested in what we were doing.
    CTO of TB Auctions
    Review Clutch’s efforts significantly reduced maintenance costs and potential penalties. Their team worked smoothly, mapping out a clear scope and building out a solid platform. Their knowledge of technology and development skill were highly impressive.
    Review Clutch
    Communication and cross technology and cross vertical experience and depth of the team that delivered the solution was impressive. They are not only service providers but first of all — deliver added value on top of what they were asked for, with fresh ideas and suggestions.
    Philipp Reiter
    Partner & COO of eye square GmbH
    Review Quote
    We take great pleasure in sharing our high level of satisfaction with the DAC’digital team. We have no plans for any changes in our collaboration and are enthusiastic about the prospect of continuing to work with our exceptionally talented team members
    Review Clutch
    The software developed by has saved their client incredible amounts of time and money by reducing their training and planning time and total distance traveled. Their team collaborated with the client smoothly and efficiently, centering the main priorities at all times.
    Marek Godlewski
    Transport Manager at Mlekovita
    Review Quote
    We have signed with a commercial collaboration agreement on the future joint development of the product. The system will be developed to serve not only Rohlig Suus but also our customers.
    Piotr Chmielewski
    Member of the Board at Rohlig Suus
    Review Quote
    Most important is that you cover our professional needs, which are pretty extensive and different from traditional projects. We couldn’t get a more ideal partner with extraordinary skills both within AI and application development. Professional and transparent project management is vital. PM and interactions are working exceptionally well. Your ability to work independently and come up with constructive alternative solutions, understandable for a layperson, has reduced the stress and concerns. We appreciate the good chemistry. We see as more than just another developer. We see you as an extension of Sports Computing.
    Kjell Heen
    CEO of Sports Computing
    Review Quote, with whom we have been cooperating for many years, deserves to be called a reliable and professional business partner on whom one can rely.
    Agnieszka Rzeźnikowska
    Chief Specialist for Passenger Information System Support Public Transport Authority in Gdańsk

    Technology Stack for Your Efficient Frontend Development    


    • TypeScript
    • Angular
    • AngularJS
    • React
    • React Native
    • Enix
    • Next.js
    • Vue.js
    • Tailwind
    • Darkly
    • Sentry


      CMS (for admin panels and frontend integrations):

      • Data OS
      • Story Blog
      • Sanity

      Don’t see the technology of your choice? Contact us, and we’ll discuss the best options for you.

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      Meet Our Frontend Development Experts

      Our team comprises frontend tech leads, team leads, and developers with years of experience in various projects and technologies. Meet the people who can transform your business:

      Yaroslav Dubinskyi, Frontend Tech Lead
      Dawid Fulmes, Frontend Tech Lead
      Portrait of Damina Borys, Frontend Tech Lead

      Yaroslav Dubinskyi

      Frontend Tech Lead

      Dawid Fulmes

      Frontend Tech Lead

      Damian Borys

      Frontend Tech Lead

      Examples of Frontend Solutions We’ll Build for You

      Auctioning Platform Development

      Build a frontend for your auctioning platform to ensure that your users enjoy smooth bidding at all stages of the auctions. We will provide quality code and help you integrate different services or projects into one coherent system that will not handicap user experience and maintain fast deployment.

      Our frontend approach uses monorepos and allows you to scale your project for future user intake so that all components work as smoothly as before. Shared code allows the simultaneous integration of platforms for easy and quick upscaling.

      Frontend Solutions for Personalised Mapping

      Back up your automated mapping solutions with a tailored frontend to personalise maps for higher accuracy. We can help you build a map personalisation interface that will allow you to add or remove objects on the existing maps and adjust them to changes occurring with time.

      This solution can be especially useful in logistics and supply chain applications, where you might need more accurate maps than the existing ones. You can use drones to map the area and then use the personalisation application to add the missing elements.

      Frontend Development for AI-Based Solutions

      Create intuitive user interfaces and applications that use AI for their core operation. Whether you use computer vision to detect objects or track your user’s engagement, build sports apps to help your users perform better, or have other AI apps in mind, we’ll help you make an engaging frontend tailored to your project requirements.

      We can build a complete web or mobile application for your AI-powered projects for your users, as well as admin panels and other components that will make updates and changes more accessible and faster.

      Frontend Development Services

      How Do We Work? Choose the Best Partnership Model for You

      Whether you need extra hands on the deck or a complete team to build from scratch, we’ve got you covered.

      Team Augmentations for Best Frontend Development Competencies

      We will provide if you have a team but need more competent experts. And you’ll get more than just competencies. Our frontend developers come with tech leads and buddies they can share their knowledge with, ensuring that any challenges that come during work can be promptly overcome. Our expertise is unmatched, and we don’t walk around the bush. We’ll communicate if we find a better and quicker way to accomplish your goal.

      We ensure our experts are equipped with the skills to carry out your frontend development project and what it takes to be an excellent match for your work culture.

      Project-Oriented Approach for Your Frontend Needs from Scratch

      We’ll gladly take over if you don’t have a frontend team. Meet our experts during the discovery workshop, where we’ll establish the goal and propose the best technologies to achieve it. We’ll ensure you understand everything and outline the process as accurately as possible. Once we have a common ground, we’ll outline our collaboration in the time and material model so that you know exactly where your money goes and why.

      FAQ: Your Frontend Development Questions Answered

      How Does Frontend Development Drive Business Value?

      Frontend development goes beyond creating a visually appealing website. It is a crucial investment for any business strategy. A well-designed frontend improves user engagement and directly impacts conversion rates and customer loyalty. Additionally, it facilitates analytics implementation, enabling a better understanding of user behaviour and leading to data-driven decisions for improving product offerings and market positioning.

      Can Frontend Development Optimise Our Site for Core Web Vitals?

      Indeed, as part of our development process, we prioritise Core Web Vitals. We focus on improving your website’s loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability. We implement efficient resource loading, code splitting, and advanced caching techniques to optimise your website and ensure it meets Google’s performance standards. In turn, it directly impacts your website’s SEO rankings.

      How Do You Ensure Frontend Scalability for Growing User Bases?

      Our development approach incorporates scalability from the outset. We utilise component-driven architectures to ensure reusability and maintainability. We guarantee that your frontend can scale seamlessly with your user base by employing lazy loading, efficient state management, and cloud-based hosting solutions.

      What Is Your Approach to Frontend Security, Particularly in Protecting Sensitive User Data?

      Our approach to security involves several measures, including implementing a Content Security Policy (CSP), secure headers, robust authentication mechanisms, and conducting regular security audits. We ensure all data transactions are encrypted and adhere to the latest GDPR standards to safeguard user privacy and maintain data integrity.

      How Do You Address Potential Downtime and Data Integrity Issues when Merging our Existing Backend with a New Frontend?

      Our integration strategy involves careful planning and execution of staging environments and components that simulate the live environment. We utilise API versioning, feature flagging for incremental updates, and robust rollback strategies to ensure a seamless transition without impacting your current operations or data integrity.

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