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Published: 19/10/2023

“Software Development Insights” Newsletter by Radosław Szmit

From whom do insights come? 

At, Radek performs the role of Head of Growth and executes growth and business strategies for one of Europe’s fastest-growing software and AI companies. With over 14 years of experience in the IT industry, he has helped numerous clients and partners achieve their digital transformation goals and create value for their end customers.

Newsletter full of handy know-how 

You can expect a solid dose of knowledge on Software Development from a Business Growth expert. Here is a list and a brief introduction of previous editions.

Poland is becoming known as a top destination for outsourcing software development and establishing dedicated engineering teams. This article focuses on the advantages of selecting Poland as your long-term technology partner to support your New York-based team with a dedicated software engineering team.

This article explores the benefits of partnering with an external software team for businesses in the e-commerce, b2b-commerce, entertainment, travel, and marketing technology sectors. Later, we will discuss several companies that use Kotlin or Java as their backend technology and how partnering with an external software team can impact their returns.

Selecting a technology vendor to outsource to can be a challenge. A highly competitive environment and a growing number of outsourcing companies to choose from do not make your choice simpler. Radek shares a list of factors you should look closely at since they can help you with each step of the verification process and improve your decision-making.

There can be many options for why your software projects fail so often. For example, maybe you start at the wrong point. Or do you need leadership skills? Or do you just need to learn how to begin? Radek highlights some possibilities here. By understanding these five common reasons why software projects fail, you can take steps to avoid such problems and make your project a success.

Continuing the topic of projects, Radek presents some tips for you and your team to turn your assignments into satisfying ones.

This newsletter edition will teach you how to create and deliver a successful and efficient software team for nearshore and offshore models. You will learn about a practical approach to the business process, core processes, app development, team setup, and team delivery.

If you want custom software development services, finding a company with experience in this field that can assist you with your project from start to finish is essential. In this issue, Radek discusses what custom software development companies do and how they differ from other providers. Moreover, he shares the best benefits of cooperating with a custom software development company.

The guide to custom software development company continuous… In this part, Radek is focusing on the best practices when picking the custom software development company for your business’s needs.

Get software tailored for you

Custom Software Development

Kotlin is becoming increasingly popular among backend development programming languages. Radek briefly covers in this article how different industries adopt Kotlin for their backend and server-side operations. It may give you some initiative to consider switching or starting using Kotlin for your purposes.

In this article, Radek shares a talk between Justyna Pelc, Head of Communications, and Krzysztof Gola, General Manager Software, on communication in projects.

For this issue, Radek prepared a short guide on mitigating and preventing risk in project management. He also includes a video sample of how the Delivery Team at identified it.

We live in a world of intelligent everyday objects, watches, pens, and furniture, where embedded software plays a vital role. The common notion is that embedded software is just software for small computers. This definition does not do justice to its importance or scope. Radek describes what embedded software is, presents a few common examples, and why outsourcing is an effective way for that kind of software development.

While the concept of an MVP is clear, the path to its creation can be less so. One of the critical decisions you’ll face is whether to utilize your in-house resources or assemble a dedicated software team for the project. Radek explains why the latter option might be your ticket to MVP success in this issue.

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