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Published: 08/06/2020 will support Latitudo40 in DLT implementation will support Latitudo40 in DLT implementation

We are happy to announce team has launched a new collaboration with Latitudo40 in DLT implementation. Latitudo40 is an Italian company providing a digital platform turning satellite imagery into geospatial information.

The team will support Latitudo40 in the development of its EarthAlytics platform, with software. The goal of this new collaboration is to provide the highest possible data authenticity to Latitudo40 customers.

EarthAlytics helps estimate the value of the real estate in a city, verifying the stability of a power line tower, or analyzing the yield of a crop. It automatically searches, process, and elaborate the images produced by Earth observation satellites and transform them into information to simplify business processes with powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

“We believe that through the integration of technologies into the technological infrastructure of Latitudo40, we can be the first company to integrate blockchain data notarization in the field of earth observation and geoinformation” – comments Gaetano Volpe, CEO at Latitudo40.

With Distributed Ledger Technology, we can add a trust layer on top satellite imagery serving as input data for EarthAlytics. This way, platform users will always be able to check if the information provided is generated from a sound and trustworthy source. team will be responsible for implementing blockchain technology in EarthAlytics without any changes in their existing infrastructure.

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