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Published: 13/03/2023

Przemek Szleter joined Forbes Technology Council. His first article is already out!


Przemek Szleter, founder and CEO of, has joined the Forbes Technology Council – a community of world-class leaders and chief executives of technology companies. On the pages of Forbes, he shares his experience in building one of the fastest-growing DeepTech companies in Europe. The first article of Przemek is already out: The art of fueling the growth of a Deep Tech venture: focal points for entrepreneurs.

Forbes Councils – a few words about the organization

Forbes Councils are prestigious organizations dedicated to executives of companies from all over the world. Members are selected for the council based on their expertise and diverse industry experience. Being a member of Forbes Councils enables them to grow by establishing business relationships and accessing unique, expert knowledge. Forbes Councils are divided into several councils by industry so that members can grow in their specialties.

Przemek Szleter in the Forbes Technology Council

The Forbes Technology Council is a council of leaders and chief executives of technology companies.  

Being on the Forbes Technology Council is a chance to meet technology experts from all over the world. Still, most importantly, it is an opportunity to gain new knowledge and share my experience. is developing very fast, and I think the environment and the influence of Forbes experts will only accelerate this development. – Przemek says.

Przemek Szleter received higher education at the Gdansk University of Technology and Coventry University in England. In 2009, he founded – his main vision was to create a place that stood out for innovation and cutting-edge solutions in new technologies. Przemek is very involved in the development of the technology industry in Poland. He has supported and played an influential role in developing the Polish information and communication technology (ICT) sector. He served as chairman of the Board of the most well-known Polish ICT cluster, Interizon, which brings together more than 150 companies. In 2022, he received an award in the Bridges of the Future competition for his significant contribution to science and the development of research and development projects.

Over the past two decades, Przemek has been actively involved in developing the emerging technology sector, making one of Europe’s fastest-growing DeepTech companies. The company specializes in software engineering for the logistics, med tech, agriculture or forestry industries, among others. Since 2009, it has completed dozens of projects in IoT and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, DeepTech, BigData, and Computer Vision. also has research and development in its DNA. The company has developed over a dozen proprietary solutions and technologies that have enabled it to gain a competitive edge in the market and find its niche in software development and IoT. The company’s projects are carried out in cooperation with research centers from Poland and Europe – including Fraunhofer, Eclipse Foundation or the Gdansk University of Technology. 

How to develop a company towards DeepTech, and what does this actually mean?

Technologies referred to as DeepTech is defined as breakthrough solutions based on specific engineering innovations or scientific advances and discoveries. They are characterized, among other things, by a high potential for impact and a long time to market maturity and, thus, a high investment contribution. DeepTech technologies include solutions in artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, biotechnology, robotics, automation or photonics, among others.

The market size of Deep Tech is estimated to reach $3.73 billion by 2032, and at the same time, around 15% of the market share is controlled by the top five companies. It indicates there is ample scope for deep tech ventures to flourish in the market.

The rapidly accelerating technological evolution requires us to derive as much as we can from and contribute to DeepTech technologies. By creating DeepTech technologies, we are creating the future. – Przemek says. has DeepTech solutions in its portfolio that are changing reality all over the world: helping people with Parkinson’s disease, supporting healthcare facilities in Scandinavia, diagnosing osteoarthritis in dogs, connecting freelancers with SMEs in Latin America or optimizing and reducing the carbon footprint of many industrial and logistics processes. The company is not slowing down. More innovative projects are in the pipeline that will bring revolutionary changes.

Forbes – a knowledge base for business development

On Forbes, Przemek shares topics related to’s development towards DeepTech and the company’s research and development activities. 

Two expert articles featuring Przemek have been published so far: 

How to grow your company towards DeepTech – key tips for entrepreneurs 

In his article, Przemek shares his own experience of growing and describes in more detail the five factors that have driven the company’s growth. 

Over the years, my team and I at have worked to discover the factors contributing to the company’s rapid growth. Key to this growth has been our research and development activities, our work culture, people with expertise, and the diversification of our offering. – Przemek Szleter says. 

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15 costly mistakes to avoid when developing wearable technology

How to create wearable technologies, i.e. technologies that we carry with us or on us? Their development is determined by comfort and a positive user experience, so a misstep in their creation can quickly doom a project to failure. Forbes Technology Council members – leaders of technology companies worldwide – talk about the 15 most costly mistakes when developing wearable technology. Przemek Szleter also shared his opinion. 

One of the mistakes is leaving the data exchange mechanism as it is, with default parameters. It affects both the amount of data that can be sent, may affect the battery life of the devices and the range of communication. Optimization in this field may boost the experience of the end user. – Przemek Szleter,

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Being a member of the Forbes Technology Council is one of Przemek’s many activities to share his knowledge. experts appear as speakers at conferences and on podcasts. The company has a number of educational and development activities planned that will be of great benefit to both the scientific and business communities. Ongoing activities include the creation of an online platform for sharing knowledge and experience of implemented projects or creating a podcast that will address a wide range of topics, from technology to philosophy to sustainability.

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