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Published: 19/12/2022

Pomosty Przyszlosci award for Przemyslaw Szleter

Przemyslaw Szleter, CEO of, won the Pomosty Przyszłosci award for significant contributions to science.

Pomosty Przyszłosci (Bridges to the Future) is a competition organized by the Technotalenty Foundation and the local government of the Podlaskie Voivodeship. The goal of the competition is to promote good models of cooperation between business and science. 

The architect of the bridge to science is…

Przemyslaw Szleter is from Podlasie, and he received his education at Gdansk University of Technology and Coventry University in England. He is the founder and CEO of The company has completed dozens of projects in IoT, emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, DeepTech, BigData and Computer Vision. 

The unique know-how gained from R&D projects has made one of Europe’s fastest-growing technology companies. And it doesn’t want to stop there. The company aims to be in the top ten within five years. Why this rapid growth in recent years? The team has developed more than a dozen proprietary solutions and technologies as part of its R&D activities. This has allowed it to gain a competitive edge and find its niche in the market for software development and IoT solutions.

Our mission is to share knowledge

“I am glad that my work and contribution to R&D have been recognized. However, none of this would have happened without the team. Thanks to them we are growing so rapidly and dynamically. As, we have been conducting R&D projects for 11 years, and they account for one-third of our total business. As part of our projects, we have worked and continue to work today with scientific centers from Poland and Europe – including Fraunhofer, Eclipse Foundation and Gdansk University of Technology. This cooperation allows us to gain the latest knowledge and create technologies that will shape our future” says Przemyslaw Szleter.

More bridges to be built

At, R&D’s activities are not limited to project development. The company plans a number of educational and development activities that will significantly benefit both the scientific and business communities.

Among these activities is the creation of an online platform for sharing knowledge and experience on ongoing projects or the creation of a podcast. The podcast will address a wide range of topics, from technology to philosophy to sustainability. It will guest scientists, experts, and business leaders who will talk about their visions for the future of technology and business. Moreover, is planning activities to activate and support students, including a competition to develop the next generation of emerging technology pioneers. 

Business-science cooperation and’s research and development activities are among the company’s main focuses.

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Photos: Technotalenty Foundation