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Published: 01/12/2022

Monthly recap: November events and activities at

November events at

Autumn may be cold and windy, but that’s not stopping from traveling! We have for you the monthly overview of our activities – The November events recap. We are aiming high, so we attended a few tech summits last month. 

Web Summit 2022

The First was Web Summit in Lisbon! We were there from the 1st to the 4th of November. This event is the largest and most important technology conference in Europe and the possibility to meet leaders, learn and develop. 

The DAC team was represented by Bart Dabrowski, our Business Development Manager, who was there to participate in networking and discuss emerging technologies – this was an opportunity for us to share ideas, meet future partners and seek advice from others in our field.

We will definitely come back in 2023!

Web Summit 2022

Digital Health Summit 2022

The following November event was in Munich! We went to Germany again, this time for the Digital Health Summit. This is the key place for meetings for health tech experts, clinicians, industry, investors, and start-ups.

It was an excellent opportunity for us to learn more about this topic and help potential partners. From the 9th to the 11th our DAC team was present there to talk about how emerging technologies can help the health industry.

We’ve already touched on MedTech, so if you are interested in this topic and want to know how we see it, check out our article about the future of healthcare.

Digital Health Summit 2022

Digitale Leute Summit 2022

After a few days in Munich, travel through Germany didn’t end! On November 15th and 16th, our team was at Digital Leute Summit in Cologne! This event is an opportunity to learn how we can successfully and professionally develop digital products in large-scale environments. 

This November event was maybe short, but full of activities! On the first day, we had a chance to participate in workshops, and on the second day – we were able to attend the conference, and discussion panels and, as usual, gave an advisory talk at the networking!

Digital Leute Summit 2022

Amsterdam trip

Sometimes a change of environment is needed – that’s why part of our development team went to Amsterdam for work. It wasn’t one of these big November events, but surely an incredible experience for us!

Amsterdam trip

Stockholm trip

Another trip we did in November was to Stockholm! We were there to move forward with not only new R&D but also commercial actions for the Arrowhead framework.

Arrowhead is addressing efficiency and flexibility at the global scale by means of collaborative automation for five application verticals. That means production, like manufacturing, process and energy, smart buildings and infrastructures, electro-mobility and virtual market of energy.

You can read more about this project and other R&D we are involved in.

Stockholm arrowhead

Interviews in Berlin  

And Berlin in November once again! Our Marketing Manager, Natalia Paprota, headed off to Germany for special interviews with our partners. We interviewed them about our collaboration, project outcomes, and client satisfaction. You will get a chance to watch videos by yourselves soon! Stay tuned!

For now – check out the backstage footage:

Interview in Berlin

Digital Health Conference 2022

We spent a lot of time in Germany this month and we will finish it there as well. The last November event was the Digital Health Conference in Berlin on 30th November. This is an event that discusses important questions and topics related to digital healthcare. It brings together leaders in the sector and creates a venue for debate.

Bart Andrzejewski, our Business Developer Manager, was there to participate in networking, help analyze projects for potential clients and meet new partners in the industry.

Digital Health Conference 2022

Ending the month this way will help prepare for the next challenges! December will be the most exciting month in and you will find out about it soon! A small preview for our readers – Radoslaw Szmit, Head of Growth, will lead a discussion and present a case study about the development of at the SoDA event on December 15!

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