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Published: 17/02/2022

New technologies for the environment

New technologies for the environment

Mateusz Bonecki, Head of Innovation at had the pleasure to be a speaker during Polish-American Innovation Bridge in the panel discussion called “New technologies for the environment”.

Polish-American Innovation Bridge (PAMI) 2021

PAMI is an annual event for entrepreneurs, scientists and students involved in developing new solutions based on unique knowledge and advanced technologies. 7th edition of PAMI was focused on climate change and renewable energy sources, as well as on creating jobs based on clean energy and environmental protection.

The theme of the event arose from the observation that most people are aware of many things have to be changed that if we would like to give the world to the next generation as a good place to live. But the big question is: Can I have an impact on such a big thing? If so, what should I do, to be effective? Is it enough to do small improvements in my daily routines, like recycling or using LED light bulbs? What can I do to create green “oasis” in my neighborhood, which is made of concrete? How to influence global political leaders to act according to long-term goals?

New technologies for the environment

New technologies for the environment

Technology is not necessarily associated with a positive impact on the environment. The development of our economy is adversely changing our planet. This does not mean, however, that the technology is bad. Invited guests talked about solutions that allow us to implement positive changes – reduce resource consumption or monitor environmental pollution.

This panel discussion was moderated by Michał Pajdak, CEO@Appgration, VP at ePsycholodzy, Expert and Wykładowca at WSB University. Among the invited panelists were:

  • Alessandro Iacoponi, EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) IoT Director, Sustainability and Innovation Manager
  • Mateusz Bonecki, Head of Innovation at,
  • Piotr Nowak, Senior project and commercialization manager at Łukasiewicz-ILIM.

You can listen to the discussion on YouTube:

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