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Published: 06/07/2023

Monthly recap – June events and activities at

A fun-filled June is behind us! We don’t want to brag, but it was full of successes for the DAC team. We took on the role of event organizer for the first time; we were able to spread our expertise on many platforms and places and unite many technology enthusiasts. 

Grab your snack and read’s recap of June! 

Computer Vision Community Meetup 

Of course, in the beginning, we’re mentioning our first Computer Vision Community MeetUp in Berlin!

The event on June 22nd brought together some of the brightest minds and innovators developing projects with computer vision. The meeting provided a platform for sharing ideas, discussing challenges, and fostering collaborations. We again want to thank our outstanding experts, Azarm Nowzad, and every guest who joined us that day! Be ready for the next events with us! 

On our website, you can find photos, video coverage, and (soon!) interviews with the guests – Azarm NowzadAleksei Tarasov, and Aref Ariyapour.

As you may know, we are working on a computer vision report and are still awaiting your insights and quotes! You can find details in our recent post here.

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17th Silicon Saxony Day 

CV Community MeetUp wasn’t the only event in Germany we attended too. Marcin Połulich, General Manager of DAC.DeepTech, and Marek Tatara, PhD, CSO, were at Silicon Saxony Day in Drezno on June 21st. Marek represented as a speaker in the “DeepTech R&D for AI, ML and CV” panel. 

In his presentation, Marek points out how R&D as a service, one of the expertise, can fill the gap in startup research efforts by combining experts from embedded systems, computer vision, and machine learning. 

Meeting of the Pomeranian Entrepreneurship Council

The same day, 🛡️Krzysztof Radecki, CTO of, participated in a significant debate in Gdańsk – Meeting of the Pomeranian Entrepreneurship Council. The main topics of the discussion were: 

  • Can artificial intelligence improve the efficiency of Pomerania’s economic sector? 
  • Can using artificial intelligence in manufacturing processes increase efficiency, optimize costs and minimize errors?

Krzysztof pointed out the false expectations of AI, created mainly by the entertainment industry. He stressed that currently, AI is a complex and non-deterministic function: 

But Krzysztof also described how AI would trigger a revolution on the scale of the industrial revolution. It will lead to an increase in employee efficiency, which will translate into an increase in the competitiveness of companies. A society that does not accept new technologies will become slow and backward.

See what can we do for your AI-powered projects

View our services and punktum in Berlin again! Josua ZieglerTom Sieron, and 🛡️Krzysztof Radecki attended the – the business festival for tech and digitalization.

The event covers the most important and fast-growing IT areas, such as sustainability, mobility, security, and technology in our daily lives. keeps up with the most recent technological trends; thus, participating in an event like this allows us to add something innovative to our projects continually!


If you follow Radosław Szmit, our Head of Growth, you know his cycling journey through Poland. During the 6-day trip from Wisła to Gdańsk by bike, Radek drove 700 km and saved 179 kg CO2! This action has raised awareness about cycling and showcased the power of unity and compassion in making a positive change.

Check out the interview on our blog, where you can read about Radek’s beginning in cycling and the idea behind the trip. Also, check out his profile, where he describes every part of the route in detail with some technology content!

Our Kotlin Crew group is growing!

Our #Kotlin Community is growing little by little. We are constantly preparing content! What have you missed there? 

  • News from the Kotlin World – articles, materials, and events. 
  • Two Kotlin Community Talks with Monika Dawidowicz. Check them out on our YouTube channel. More is on the way.

Don’t be shy, and share your Kotlin passion with us!

We are also working on a special publication – the Kotlin book. Sign up for the waiting list now! Maybe you have something you want to share about this unique programming language? If you’d like to participate in this project, just schedule a call with Justyna Pelc, and let’s check what we can do together.


The fact that more women are beginning to work in the IT industry shows how inclusive the computer industry is becoming. One way to celebrate this change is to be part of the biggest conference and career fairs for women in Europe – Perspektywy Women in Tech.

This year, our Community Department, Justyna PelcJulia Zychowicz, and Pola Włodarczyk, participated in this unique event. Justyna shared her valuable insights as a speaker in panelists on women leaders in business. Take a look at the photos coverage in the highlights on our Instagram.

It was empowering to be surrounded by brilliant minds and inspiring stories. If you are interested in the history of women’s contribution to the tech sector, check out the little series that Joanna Smul prepared!

Przemysław Szleter’s Forbes Publication

Every month new publications appear on 🇵🇱🇪🇺Przemek Szleter‘s Forbes and Linkedin profiles. Our CEO shared his expertise in the articles:

Check Przemek’s profile on Forbes and LinkedIn, where he publishes the newsletter “Let’s Dive Into Deep Tech.”

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