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Published: 30/12/2022

Monthly recap: December events and activities at

December events

What did we do at DAC? December is certainly one of the busiest months for This month was full of various events – from award ceremonies, workshops, and networking to the first Xmas Party! Monthly recap of December events, activities and the end of the year is here!

Pomosty przyszłości Award Ceremony

First on the list of the December events should be the Pomosty Przyszłości ceremony in Białystok. Przemysław Szleter, CEO and founder of, ends this year with the statuette!

On the 12th of December, he received the Pomosty Przyszłości award in the “Bridge to learning” (“Pomost do nauki”) category, awarded for significant contributions to science and the development of R&D projects.

Pomosty Przyszłości is a competition organized by the Technotalents Foundation and the local government of the Podlaskie Voivodeship, promoting good models of cooperation between business and science. The purpose of the competition is to encourage entrepreneurs to cooperate with universities and to promote the interest of universities and the scientists they employ in collaborating with businesses. pays special attention to the importance of R&D activities and cooperation between business and science. We cooperate with scientific centers such as the Gdansk University of Technology, Fraunhofer, and Eclipse Foundation.

But we are not stopping on that award! Numerous plans for educational and development activities are on their way. You can read more about our R&D projects if you are interested in our research.

SoDA: Locals in Gdańsk’s hard work has been recognized not once but twice this month! On the 15th of December, Radosław Szmit, our Head of Growth, was invited by the SoDA – Software Development Association Poland for the SoDA: Locals in Gdańsk!

At this December event, he led the discussion and talked about the company’s progress in the lecture: Growth factors in software development agencies. A case study of 700%+ growth.

It was an opportunity to spread the story and build awareness of our company so that we can grow even further!

British-Polish Tech Forum

This month’s last event abroad took place in London at the British-Polish Tech Forum. This year marked the fourth edition of the event, which aimed at companies and institutions in the technology sector and the IT industry from both countries. The forum is an opportunity to discuss essential factors shaping economic exchange and investment between Poland and the UK.

Radosław Szmit again has a chance to represent at the networking and helps in analyzing projects and meeting with new potential partners.

british-polish tech forum’s first Christmas party

The end of the year is one of the most exciting times for our company. Since our team has been working hard all year, well-deserved rest and fun will be helpful for everyone.

In the last years, the celebration of Christmas Eve was held in a small group, but this year was different… On the 16th of December, our first Xmas Party was held in Gdańsk!

This was the most anticipated December event at for all of us. We met in Olivia Business Center on the 34th floor and celebrated the end of the year together.

Check out our social media for more pictures from that night!

christmas party

A day in the office – Photoshoot with Christmas charity action

The Christmas party in the evening was preceded by the joint day in the office. The holiday celebration allowed us to meet up again at our Headquarters!

On that day, there was a lot of activity! First of all – another photo session. We not only took a lot of photos of our working space and employees but also organized a Christmas charity action! The action helped the Rasowy Kundel Foundation, and their “Dog is a privilege” collection.

Stay tuned for more of the photos from the shoot! For now, please take a look at what our actions looked like. 

Santa Claus for Seniors

The collection for furry friends wasn’t the only charity action we participated in December. We also took part in the Santa Claus for Seniors campaign. become Santa Claus for Mr. Zbigniew from Wrocław! In his letter, he describes his daily life with illness – even though he lives in a wheelchair, he still fights and lives vibrantly. Mr. Zbigniew is the soul of an artist. As his health allowed him, he painted pictures and now writes limericks. 

We are grateful that we could fulfill Mr. Zbigniew’s wish and make him smile again!

MuuMap Website launch

This may not be one of the significant December events, but unquestionably vital for us! Our flagship MuuMap project continues to grow, and a new website has recently been launched!

Check out the information about our management system for the dairy industry:

aMuuMap Website launch

What’s next?

New year’s eve is coming, and we want to wish every reader a Happy New Year! We are already one foot in January, so here is a little preview of what is coming next month – Radosław Szmit will talk about at the SoDA event once more – at the SoDA: Breakfast in Katowice 12th of January!

Let’s meet in Katowice in a few weeks! Check out our social media to be along with our activities!

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