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Published: 19/04/2021

Easier onboarding of IoT sensors – demonstrator for the Arrowhead Tools project

Easier onboarding of IoT sensors - demonstrator for the Arrowhead Tools project

As participants in the Arrowhead Tools project, our R&D team is reducing the time of sensors’ deployment to the IoT networks. We have developed an initial version (PoC) of the sensors’ onboarding toolchain. The public key of an IoT node is used for its authorization to a particular field gateway. We use NFC for exposing the key. It means that cloud management infrastructure and the onboarding tool have been developed in their initial versions and linked together.

Our next challenge is to finalize the complete onboarding toolchain and the performance assessment tool while providing the IoT node with the planned functionality: wireless communication, HSM for storing keys, autodiscovery with field gateway.

The video presents the demonstrator designed by our team.

Our team has broad experience in solving the most complex problems with IoT solutions. Contact us to get more details.

About Arrowhead Tools

Arrowhead Tools has a budget of EUR 91 million and 81 European participants from, among others, the automotive, mining, electronics, and software industries. Among the companies are Volvo Truck Company, Bosch, Philips, Mondragon, and Infineon. Arrowhead Tools is funded by the participating companies and ECSEL-JU, a public-private partnership for electronic components and systems within EU Horizon 2020. Grant agreement No 826452.

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