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Published: 31/08/2021

International collaboration for the acceleration of blockchain technology adoption in CEE

International collaboration for the acceleration of blockchain technology adoption in CEE
  We are pleased to announce the international collaboration between Polish and Romanian companies working together to accelerate blockchain technology adoption in the Maritime industry.   Project kick-off meeting in Cluj, Romania.   Companies develop an easy way to implement a cost and time-efficient solution, improving the security of documentation flow in smart ports. 
We aim to build a complete prototype to prove that blockchain can be seamlessly plugged into any existing IT infrastructure. Our team will build a dedicated solution based on the technology developed in our spin-out company, - says Krzysztof Radecki, CTO at, a software development and hardware integration company from Poland.
The company will provide blockchain-based data notarization technology ready for seamless integration across various industries. 
Thanks to this collaboration, we will show the potential of distributed ledger technologies to the Maritime sector and let our customers benefit from emerging technologies without the cost of learning complexities. - comments George Serban, the owner of GS Data, a Romanian company operating in the naval transportation logistics sector.
One of the goals of this collaboration is to prove that the same blockchain solution if appropriately designed, will be successfully adopted among many industries. 
Since digital notarization is the future of authentication of any data, it should work fine in any sector, no matter if it’s maritime, MedTech, or any other industry you imagine. To validate this assumption, we decided to connect with Neusoft EDC, which provides software solutions for Smart Fitness and Automotive Intelligent Vehicle Connectivity systems and will work as a blockchain technology adopter. - says Zaki Milhem, Chief Innovation Officer at Iceberg+, a technology and innovation consulting firm. 
Galatea is a project funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program with the mission to develop new cross-sectoral and cross-border industrial value-chains, supporting innovative SMEs and facilitated by clusters. 
Participation in this project is an excellent chance for our team to learn a new approach to blockchain and build a skill set necessary for the future, as blockchain is gaining growing interest because it offers customers an extra guarantee of data validity and truthfulness. - summarizes Cindy Chen, CEO at Neusoft EDC, a custom integrated software solutions provider.
The four companies will be supported in the acceleration of blockchain technology adoption in CEE by Cluj IT Cluster from Romania and Poland’s Baltic Sea & Space Cluster. More information about the project:  
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