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Adopting emerging technology solutions to drive the product’s impact

The role of modern technologies in the marketing industry cannot be denied. Many companies utilise technological advancements to automate and streamline marketing processes. At, we want to take it to the next level. Disruptive technologies and innovations can add depth to marketing operations and customer research.

Deep tech in marketing

We believe that marketing technology areas offer more than software. Applying emerging technologies to marketing processes and strategies can bring them to the next level. Deep tech solutions can contribute to market research and help streamline processes efficiently.


Emerging technologies bring innovative solutions across different sectors. Although it’s not as widely popular in MarTech, they can be utilised for marketing automation and other purposes below.

AI chatbots.

As marketing automation tools, chatbots can contribute to a company’s growth in multiple ways. These AI-based tools can help the marketing team manage customer relationships and gather insights. From our experience, adopting chatbots as one of the MarTech tools in the roster can be helpful for the following reasons:


Enhanced customer support

Maintaining adequate customer support can be costly and challenging. However, it can be made easier with the assistance of marketing technologies. AI chatbots can help save time and resources while ensuring a smooth customer journey. Employing a chatbot to aid in marketing efforts allows prompt addressing of customer queries, concerns, and feedback.

A chatbot can also offer personalised content and recommendations by analysing customer behaviour. They can also collect customer feedback via surveys and polls to earn valuable insights and add depth to further marketing efforts.

Relieving human workers and providing valuable insights

Replacing live chat with a chatbot will allow employees to focus on more critical tasks. It also enables marketers to develop their marketing strategies based on insights that chatbot logs can provide about their customers.

Lead generation and nurturing

Chatbots can qualify potential leads by collecting user information, asking relevant questions, and helping tailor marketing campaigns for specific customer segments. They can also send automated messages, content and updates to care for and maintain current leads.

See our prototype of a chatbot for e-commerce purposes

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Computer vision.

Among innovative and powerful MarTech tools, we’ll find computer vision. Our experience involves using gaze estimation for market research. Marketing technology in computer vision can provide priceless insights into customer behaviours.

Gaze estimation

Gaze estimation is a marketing technology that can vastly contribute to marketing efforts, especially the before-mentioned research. For example, tracking smartphone users’ gazes and focus on various points on their screen can help determine the interest in presented content measurably.



Augmented and virtual reality

AR and VR can add massive value to the MarTech industry. Using these technologies, you can create immersive experiences for customers in different ways, including the following:

  • Virtual fitting rooms
  • Trying the products on with the use of a smartphone camera (like makeup, hair dye colours)
  • Virtual tours
  • 360-degree brand storytelling


AI and machine learning optimisation

Machine learning algorithms and AI assistance can be good social media management and optimisation tools.

  • Predictive analysis: machine learning algorithms can predict future customer behaviours, preferences and trends. It can help marketers make informed decisions about product launches, pricing strategies, and content creation.
  • Content generation: AI-driven tools can generate content at scale. It can create entire blog posts, social media updates and video scripts. It can also aid in developing SEO-optimised content.
  • Email marketing optimisation: machine learning algorithms can analyse customer engagement in email campaigns and help assess the best times to send emails, suggest subject lines that work best, and content that is the most likely to convert.

Our solution for applying gaze estimation to market research

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Blockchain in MarTech

Blockchain can be an ideal solution for creating transparent and tamperproof records of transactions and data. It can enhance trust in marketing campaigns, particularly in industries like e-commerce and advertising.

Due to its tamperproof and immutable nature, blockchain can improve data security so that customer information, transaction records and other sensitive data are safely stored with reduced risk of breaches and cyber threats.


Interesting MarTech facts and statistics:

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