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Find a key to better performance


  • Efficient routes planning
  • Cargo tracking
  • Reduced delivery time
  • Reduced transport expenses


  • Fleet management
  • Optimizing transit transportation
  • Contractor management
  • Real-time tracking

Internal processes

  • Access to information in real-time
  • Automation of documentation flow
  • Sharing data between different parties
  • KPI monitoring


  • Optimization of space
  • Easy data access
  • Inventory tracking
  • Easy reporting of inconsistencies

Logistic systems.

Logistic management software

Logistics management software is key for better performance, process automation, and reducing costs. If you face improper inventory management, problems with fleet management, missing deadlines, custom-made software can be a great solution.

Custom logistics software

Custom logistics software can help you with real-time vehicle or product tracking, barcode scanning, and ensuring safety. You can use it for solving complex routing problems and keeping the supply chain running smoothly. Custom-made solutions can be used for fleet management – planning optimal paths, scheduling processes, and manage the documentation. Such software is a key component of modern manufacturing companies to ensure cargo tracking in the whole supply chain. Another important application is warehouses for reliable data on the inventory.

Custom logistics software will simplify your processes, improve efficiency and reduce expenses thanks to optimized route planning and inventory management.

Application examples.


We designed a decentralized IT infrastructure for the smart balancing of returnable transport packaging (europaletes) designed with privacy in mind to serve the entire logistics ecosystem. Business relations and the dependencies between other participants remain undisclosed within the ecosystem. BARTI is about to solve the problem of companies losing 15-20% of Returnable Transport Items annually.


A telematic control unit fully integrated with transport vehicles. The device can monitor both the transport parameters and the track vehicle position. D_Box is equipped with additional memory modules to store the data locally in case of poor connection.

Digital Product Footprint

A data-space-enabled collaborative product life cycle and supply chain management. Developed in cooperation with Thales, Digital Product Footprint integrates distributed PLM systems, operated by different parties in a multi-stakeholder ecosystem, to furnish visibility of product and component dependencies across the value chain. By encompassing all data items relevant for managing all aspects of a product, DPF supports the bidding process, product configuration, and change management.

Logistic industry.

Logistic industry is responsible for the transfer of goods from source to destination. Global logistics market is estimated to reach almost $13 000 billion by 2027. Growth driving factors in this industry are increasing global trade activities, especially in the emerging countries, e-commerce growth and wider adoption of IoT-enabled connected devices.

Top countries in logistics industry are China, USA, Germany, UK, France and UAE. This industry includes warehousing, supply chain management, inventory management and transportation. These are crucial parts for any business to be successful.

The level of complexity in the logistics sector contributes to inefficiencies – both in time, and money. Imagine being able to untangle those complexities and rethink all those “we’ve been doing this for years” processes. With over a decade-long experience in supporting the transport industry, we know how to really think outside the box.

Krzysztof Radecki Krzysztof Radecki CTO,


The global logistic software market is expected to reach $17,7 billion by the end of 2023.


of companies expected that digitalization would increase their revenues


of the growth will originate from Europe


global logistics industry costs

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