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Object detection and recognition

Object detection and recognition

  • Image classification
  • Semantic segmentation
  • Face recognition
  • Quality control
Motion Analysis

Motion Analysis

  • Optical flow
  • Motion analysis
  • Pose estimation
  • 3D reconstruction
Augumented Reality

Augumented Reality

  • Object tracking
  • Markerless tracking
  • Simultenous Localizaiton and Mapping
  • Gesture recognition
Medical Imaging and Robotics

Medical Imaging and Robotics

  • Medical diagnostics
  • Surgery and medical interventions
  • Robotics guidance and control
  • Autonomous robots

Computer Vision.  

It is a sophiticated technology, and branch of Artificial Intelligence, that enables machines to perceive and analyse visual information such as images and videos. Businesses may use computer vision to enable a wide range of applications, from improving the accuracy and efficiency of industrial processes to enabling more advanced and intuitive interactions between customers and digital goods. As computer vision technology progresses, the potential business applications grow nearly limitless. By embracing this technology, businesses may gain a competitive advantage, enhance their operations, and provide more personalised and engaging customer experiences.
Interesting fact on Computer vision for businesses

According to Markets and Markets, in the realm of computer vision, software is expected to hold a significant share of the market and grow at a higher CAGR during the forecast period. This is because, when combined with a suite of computer vision software, software tools can enable individuals to interface with a camera and production line, enabling automatic image improvement, location analysis, flaw detection, character verification, character recognition, symbol recognition, and a variety of other functions. This emphasises the significance of computer vision software in optimising and automating numerous business operations.

How AI can help your business

In recent years, the field of computer vision has experienced a tremendous surge in popularity and use. It is a valuable tool for business looking to optimise their operations or add new offering to their porfolio. According to a McKinsey analysis, just adopting AI is not enough; rather, total optimization is required for firms to get their intended results. Image and video analysis, object recognition, motion analysis, and augmented reality are some of the areas where computer vision has grown significantly. As computer vision evolves, new commercial use cases develop, allowing businesses to optimise their processes, improve their goods and services, and gain a competitive edge. has a team of specialists ready to assist organisations in unlocking the potential of computer vision and exploring customised AI use cases to assist them in growing and excelling.

Computer Vision |

Our Computer Vision solutions.

Video processing and trajectory analysis in sports

Detection and tracking of a football to assess the accuracy and speed of a shot (combined with analytical computer vision algorithms to detect the goalposts and evaluate the ball’s distance from the camera).

Foreground and background segmentation

Using computer vision to segment images and background. Apart from training the network, we worked on data augmentation and further data processing (in a multi-camera setup).

Human kinetic movement evaluation

Using 3D reconstruction and multi-camera processing for detection and tracking of pose key points for assessing the correctness of physical exercises (weights lifting, skiing) – now we are extending this towards occlusion-aware 3D pose estimation.

Visual and model-based tracking

Audit and optimization of a custom architecture for classifying persons into beauty types (one of six)

Vehicle tracking for autonomous mobility

Implementing vehicle detection and tracking to extract real-life training scenarios for AI components used in autonomous vehicles.

Person detection and re-identification

Training in optimization of the person detector with a re-identification model across different cameras, bus passenger counter, training in the detector of damaged car parts based on artificially introduced damages through data augmentation.

Check the applications of computer vision we can expect to grow

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Computer vision technology

Our Team of experts. is a leading R&D based DeepTech company in Europe. Our team of in-house experts and professionals are at the forefront of computer vision technology development and its application for businesses. Our methodical approach guarantees that both parties have a profitable and prosperous trip. Our team has worked on several successful computer vision projects, including object detection and recognition, motion analysis, and augmented reality.



We have a solid track record of innovation in every aspect of product development, from original concept through end-of-life maintenance, in addition to our experice in computer vision. We provide free discovery workshops led by our in-house specialists to assist our clients in identifying viable computer vision technologies and developing a path to achieve their technical objectives. 

Computer vision technology has been available for a while, but its potential for real-world commercial applications has recently skyrocketed. As CTO, I am thrilled that our team is committed to innovation and R&D. We are well-equipped to assist business like yours in effortlessly integrating computer vision technologies. Whether you want to improve your processes, products, or services, our team can walk you through the full process, from discovery and assessment to implementation. You can rely on us to produce hassle-free and timely outcomes. 

Krzysztof Radecki Krzysztof Radecki CTO,


The global market size of Computer Vision in 2022 is estimated to be USD 12.14 billion, and it is expected to grow to USD 41.11 billion by 2030.


Compound annual growth in market size till 2030


Compound annual growth of computer vision in healthcare market till 2023.


Business executives
Expect AI and Computer Vision to play a signification role in the next two years

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