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SoDA Breakfast


25 October 2023

The SoDA team supports member companies in promoting Polish programmers and software not only in Poland, but also internationally. They organize trainings and events for specialists and managers that enable free networking and exchange of experiences.

The main topic of SoDA breakfast is: “Employee potential as fuel for growth, i.e. Knowledge Exchange as engine” will be presented by Grzegorz Widziszowski (Director Engineering, Xebia).

What will you gain by joining the SoDA Breakfast meetings?

You will get to know companies from your region that are facing similar challenges.

You will meet owners/founders with whom you can establish business relationships.

You will get a good dose of knowledge.

Gain the opportunity to network and exchange experiences.

The meeting is dedicated to SH owners and managers.

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Radosław Szmit
GrowthOps at
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Bartek Dąbrowski
Business Development Manager
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