Europe Union

IPMA Polska Conference

Warsaw, Poland

16-17 November, 2023

The IPMA Poland Conference will focus on the FUTURE to prepare project management professionals for the challenges and opportunities that will come in the years to come. Invited experts, leaders and researchers will share their vision and knowledge of the latest trends, tools and strategies that will be indispensable for the success of future projects.

Meet us

Marcin Połulich

General Manager Deep Tech at

Marcin will be a prelegent during the IMPA Polska Conference (16.10.2023, 14:oo-16:30):

“Artificial intelligence – hype, products, ecosystems”
At a time of tremendous growth in artificial intelligence and widely available AI products, let’s delve into how it can be used and combined with vision systems, robotics, sensors and other elements of innovative ecosystems.

Portrait of Marcin Połulich, General Manager DAC.DeepTech at