Europe Union

Computer Vision Community MeetUp


22 June, 2023

The Computer Vision Community MeetUp held on the 22nd of June in the heart of Berlin, was the first meetup organised by and brought together some of the brightest minds and innovators developing projects with computer vision. The meeting provided a platform for sharing ideas, discussing challenges, and fostering collaborations.

The day began with an inspiring power speech on “Computer Vision for Autonomous Systems: challenges that we are facing & ethical considerations in Computer Vision including privacy concerns, bias, and fairness issues” by Azarm Nowzad from Continental, a discussion panel on “Machine learning for computer vision and where are the limits?” with Marek Tatara, PhD – Chief Scientific Officer at and Karol Duzinkiewicz – Senior Computer Vision Researcher at, and a fireside chat on “Computer vision & Cybersecurity – opportunities and threats for business” with Łukasz Brandt – Senior Security Analyst at The event also provided many networking opportunities, enabling participants to connect with like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and technical experts. experts were available to participants at the networking tables dedicated to robotics & space, medtech, agritech, and cybersecurity.