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Management 360

PMI PC Wrocław

20-22 September, 2023

Management 360 is a conference organized by PMI Wrocław offering meetings with inspiring, passionate professionals focused on management.

Meet us

Justyna Pelc as a speaker 

Robots, satellites and extraterrestrial life – projects out of this world

The space sector is an industry where you also have to wait a long time for a return on investment. How then do startups operate and how do they deal with motivating team members in a situation where they cannot compete on budget? How does the approach of space agencies differ from companies that are part of the NewSpace movement, and how do we find the balance between an agile approach and a focus on 99.9 per cent confidence that we have eliminated or minimised all errors and risks? We will discuss the lessons from space and how we can apply them to our daily work.