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AI-Driven Research and Development (R&D) Services  

Combine artificial intelligence with your research and development efforts to drive innovation and operational efficiency. Ensure your business stays ahead in a competitive market by partnering with us – whether you need help starting your R&D journey or need an extra hand in your ongoing efforts. 

Over the years, we’ve earned experience in large-scale multinational projects worth hundreds of millions of EUR and rolled our R&D products into the market.

The Key Benefits of Integrating Artificial Intelligence into R&D


Accelerated Innovation


Using AI algorithms and ML models shortens the development cycles and makes product innovation significantly faster.

AI tools and machine learning accelerate the development of new products or services by enabling faster prototype simulation and testing through predictive analysis, automated design optimisation, virtual testing and simulation, and generative design.

Increased Efficiency


AI’s ability to optimise R&D processes allows you to reduce time-to-market and operational costs by automating routine tasks like data entry, report generation, and fundamental analysis. It also helps streamline your design processes. Generative design algorithms can create alternatives based on specified criteria, optimising cost, performance, and manufacturability.

Smarter Decision Making


Artificial intelligence offers powerful tools such as predictive analytics, data analysis and real-time monitoring feedback that will help you make informed decisions and develop quality products that appeal to end users. It enables AI systems to recognise patterns and trends, giving you valuable data-driven insights to make informed decisions swiftly.

5 pillars of a successful AI project

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DAC.Digital AI-Powered R&D Partnerships and Success Stories

We have participated in several international projects that use artificial intelligence and digital technologies to drive innovation, diversify our R&D efforts to include more emerging technologies and expand our technology expertise.

Advanced Forestry and Farming for Sustainable Future with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Agrarsense is an ongoing R&D project aiming to increase transparency and productivity in the forestry and farming industry with environmental awareness and sustainability in mind.
  • Our role involves using AI and machine learning to define requirements, design component architecture, and plan the integration of ground-directed radar and signal processing software for forestry autonomous forwarders.
  • As a technology partner in this R&D project, our ultimate goal is to help build autonomous drones for mapping forests and detecting and classifying trees.

    Over 100 Institutions Teamed Up to Build a Platform for Digitising the European Industrial Sector

    • Productive 4.0 was a Europe-wide project involving over 100 partners to create a user platform for optimising industrial processes.
    • Our contributions included complementary hardware and software technologies, which enabled product traceability across transparent, connected, and digitalised value chains, and AI-powered Semantic Knowledge Processing Technology for processing textual product-related documents written in natural languages.
    •’s Team co-created a Digital Product Footprint, which includes cooperative product lifecycle management, Semantic Knowledge Processing Technology for processing textual product-related documents, a prototype of a secure one-chip computer with a built-in Secure Element, and transaction security technology for hardware-enabled authentication and authorisation of blockchain transactions.

    An Integrated Platform for Supporting Autonomous Farming Real-Time Across Europe

    • AFarCloud was an international project for the agricultural sector that gathered over 50 partners to use advanced technologies and AI to increase efficiency, productivity, animal health, food quality, and reduced farm labour costs.
    • Our primary role involved developing AI algorithms for livestock health monitoring. One algorithm uses data on pH and temperature from cow collars to predict potential malnutrition issues, and another analyses milk composition to detect early signs of acidosis and ketosis.
    • Our Team contributed to developing the Product Environmental Footprint suite, which provides a real-time calculator and analytics of the environmental cost of farming and breeding processes.

    What Can Your R&D Project Gain from Integrating AI?

    Problem solving icon

    Innovative edge: Stay at the forefront of your industry with creative solutions that push the boundaries of the state-of-the-art.

    Cost reduction: Save money by optimally allocating resources and streamlining your processes.

    Sales prediction icon

    Increased precision: AI improves accuracy in simulations and predictions, reducing errors and refining outcomes.

    Improved decision-making: AI provides data-driven insights that support better strategic decisions.

    Market readiness: By reducing the time it takes to go from concept to market-ready products, you can capture your share faster.

    AI-Enhanced R&D Applications Across Selected Industries    

    Implementing AI in different industries can be a game-changer in leading innovation. Here are some examples of how it can bring meaningful change.

    Healthcare R&D Services

    AI for prharmaceutical industry

    Automated data analysis in the pharmaceutical industry speeds up the drug discovery process significantly compared to projects without the AI component. Its accuracy in pattern detection also improves diagnostics. AI data analytics capabilities can contribute to finding optimal subjects for clinical trials and monitoring patient responses in real-time, making trials more efficient and cost-effective.


    Artificial intelligence assists in designing and testing automotive components, improving safety and performance while reducing costs. Through advanced simulations and data analysis, it can optimise materials, aerodynamics, and structural integrity.

    Automated vehicles, AI for cars

    Software Development

    AI systems can support software development by assisting debugging processes and improving algorithm efficiency. They significantly speed up quality tests by generating cases, executing tests, and analysing results. This is pivotal in testing different versions or hypotheses.

    How You Can Benefit from an R&D Partnership with us?

    AI is a relatively new technology constantly developing, and your product will require updates, improvement, and maintenance to bring you maximum value. Processing large quantities of high-resolution data and hardware limitations are the most common scaling challenges. It’s a territory with many variables, a wide range of data, and edge cases for which the solution must be prepared.

    Cloud computing is an optimal solution for scaleable data management and can also help in cases of hardware constraints alongside specialised hardware like GPUs and TPUs.

    Creating repeatable, automated workflows and ML pipelines ensures swift adaptation to growing business needs without significant disruptions. Edge computing allows for data analysis at the point of its origin, addressing latency issues. You can rely on our expertise to help you choose the right solutions for your scalability needs.

    Let’s use a practical example to illustrate the difference between building and scaling.

    Build a Custom AI Strategy

    Let us assist you in evaluating your needs and developing a customised AI integration strategy that aligns with your business objectives and the R&D scope.

    Step-By-Step Implementation and Ongoing Support

    Our experts guide you through each phase of implementation to ensure that each stage adds value and aligns with your strategy. Post-implementation, we’re here to support you in adapting to new challenges and opportunities.

    Partnership in Your R&D Consortium

    If you have an ongoing research and development project, we will happily become a technology partner in your consortium. We will help you progress with your research and outline the technology roadmap to advance the development.

    Help in Commercialising the Product of Your Research

    Has your R&D endeavour earned you a valuable product you’d like to monetise? We can help you commercialise it. We have experience building our original products, such as MuuMap and D_Box, and we can help you start earning from yours.

    Not Sure Where to Start? Schedule a Consultation with Our Expert

    Book a consultation with one of our AI experts today to discover how our AI solutions can transform your R&D projects. Learn about AI’s full potential and turn your research and development into innovative products and a key driver of business success.

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