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Published: 14/02/2023 & PyData Trójmiasto – join the meeting and learn more about Meta-learning & PyData Trójmiasto - join the meeting and learn more about Meta-learning

We invite you to a meeting of the PyData Trójmiasto series in Gdansk on February 23rd. Jan Glinko, Machine Learning Researcher at will introduce you to the topic of Meta-learning.

Meta-learning for fast Neural Network fine-tuning

The speed of learning, whether it is pattern recognition or the acquisition of new skills, is a characteristic of human intelligence. Meta-learning is a field of machine learning that attempts to replicate how humans learn new tasks. This type of fast and flexible learning, benefiting from previous experience, differs from the standard approach to training deep neural networks. In summary, our goal is no longer a model that generalizes well but becomes one that adapts well.

You will get to know:  

  • When is it worth using meta-learning?
  • Types of meta-learning
  • Using Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning to solve a regression problem


PyData Trójmiasto is a series of meetings dedicated to Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. The event aims to build a local community through exchanging knowledge and experience. It is where the latest trends in the field of artificial intelligence are discussed, as well as where ideas, research, and ventures developed locally are presented.

After the official part, we will enjoy pizza and conversation in the technology-freaks company!


  • 18:00 – 18:05 Meeting boarding
  • 18:05 – 18:10 A few words about PyData Trójmiasto
  • 18:10 – 18:50 “Meta-learning for fast Neutral Network fine-tuning” – Jan Glinko,
  • 19:20 – Pizza & networking

Our speaker

Jan Glinko works as a Machine Learning Researcher at in Gdansk, Poland. He graduated from the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Informatics at the Gdansk University of Technology. He is interested in applying synthetic datasets for learning deep neural networks and in learning algorithms to reduce the amount of data required for effective network training.

PyData Trojmiasto

Key information about the event

Free entry

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Gdansk Science And Technology Park

Trzy Lipy 3, 80-172 Gdańsk

Room 002, Building B


Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Contact Justyna Pelc if you have any questions about the event.