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Published: 22/02/2023 people’s hobbies are out of this world! Interview with Julia Zychowicz, Communication Specialist at people's hobbies are out of this world! Interview with Julia Zychowicz, Communication Specialist at

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Julia Zychowicz, Communication Specialist at who is also an avid surfer. We’ll discuss her experience in the waves and what motivates her to pursue this hobby. We will also consider how working in IT allows for developing passions.

Join us as we dive into the surfing world with our special guest!

  • Hello Julia, thank you for having this interview with me. Maybe we can start from the very beginning. Can you tell us something about yourself?

I am a Communications Specialist at, so I take care of the company’s image in media and on the market. After work, I am an avid cinephile, photographer, traveler, and lover of books, art, music, yoga, and… surfing! 

  • How long have you been practicing surfing? How did you first get into it?

I have been surfing for two years.

  • What inspired you to start this hobby?

I have always felt drawn to the water, enjoyed swimming, and dreamed of trying other water sports. My first choice was kitesurfing – I went to a kitesurfing camp in Jastarnia. During this camp, as an additional benefit, we had a lesson in classic surfing… and I just felt with all my being that this was it. I fell in love with the first surf and went to another camp – a surf camp in Portugal, where I caught my first green wave. After that camp, I just knew I wanted to try again and again, and I quickly chose my next destination – El Palmar in Spain. 

  • What do you love most about surfing?

What I love most about surfing is the connection to nature. That moment when I get up on the board and sail along with the wave is like a pure feeling of happiness and gratitude.  It’s a sense of freedom. 

  • How often do you engage in this hobby?

I travel several times a year to places famous for surfing, and my list of dream directions keeps growing! So far, I have surfed in Poland, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. 

  • What is your favourite spot for surfing?

My favourite spot so far is in Morocco, precisely in a charming surf village – Imsouane. There are the nicest people, amazing views, everyday sun and the longest waves I’ve surfed. I love this place and will come back there one time for sure!

Pic. Julia Zychowicz, Imsouane, Marocco

  • What are your future surfing spots goals?

I would love to try surfing in Puerto Escondido in Mexico. I’m drawn to Mexico not only for surfing but also for one of my favourite cuisines, the Spanish language I’ve been learning for several years, the music and their culture! It’s a country that has been on my list for a long time. 

  • What is the most challenging part of surfing for you?

Accepting the fear of this powerful element and trusting the waves. I’m talking about acceptance rather than overcoming fear, because extreme sports require humility. After all, we are dealing with an incalculable element. That’s why I always have respect for the power of nature, and I am aware of the possible dangers and my own limitations.

  • How does surfing fit into your overall lifestyle and balance with work and other activities?

It fits perfectly! When I lived in Morocco, my typical day started with a walk and breakfast. Later, I would go to work in a coworking place by the ocean, and after work, I would surf at sunset. Then I did yoga to stretch my muscles and had dinner with friends. Isn’t it a dream day?

  • How does working at allow you to combine your hobby with your professional life?

Working at gives me the opportunity to combine remote work with travel and surfing. It’s the kind of life I’ve dreamed of, and thanks to, I’ve fulfilled that dream.

Hobby - surfing, Imsouane, Marocco

Pic. Julia Zychowicz, Imsouane, Marocco

  • How has your hobby impacted your personal and professional development?

Surfing teaches me attentiveness, patience, and humility. You must be attentive and focused when you are already in the lineup, sitting on the board, and waiting for waves. If your thoughts wander, you may be swept away by a wave or simply miss a good one. Patience and humility come in handy when learning to surf. The effect does not come all at once. You take small steps every day. There are days when you catch a lot of waves, and then there are days when nothing goes right, and you come out of the water defeated and battered. The most beautiful aspect of the learning process is recognizing your small and big successes while also accepting your failures – because they end up teaching us the most.

  • Do you have any tips for someone just beginning to learn how to surf?

Don’t give up after the first time you land in the washing machine (it is the time you spin around and get tumbled underwater). There are many more ahead of you! 😀

  • That’s all from my side. Thank you for this interview and for sharing your passion with us. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the fulfillment of all your dreams.

Thank you!

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