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Published: 20/11/2018 chosen to expand and modify open data platform for The City of Gdańsk chosen to expand and modify open data platform for The City of Gdańsk

We are happy to announce that has been selected in a tender to create another part of the open data platform for urban mobility in Gdańsk. This means we will continue work with the City of Gdańsk on the project “Open data of ZTM in Gdańsk”.

TRISTAR system

The open data platform is a part of the TRISTAR system that allows controlling traffic in automatic mode throughout the entire Tri-City (Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Sopot) through the use of technologies in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The City Transport Authority in Gdańsk from May 2017 makes its IT data available also to programmers. Specialists in public transport management share data that they use in their everyday work and count on its new, creative use.

Possibilities of the platform

The open data platform offers access to two categories of data: static and near real-time. The static data change relatively rarely and includes for example timetables, a list of routes, and stops. In the near real-time data set, you can find estimated arrival times for each stop in Gdansk or current messages placed on the stop tables. The City gives programmers also free access to data generated by GPS devices mounted on trams and buses. Thanks to this, the created applications can generate information about possible delays or detours.

Open data generate great value. It is a direct benefit for the inhabitants of Gdańsk and for the IT environment that thrives in the city.

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