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Published: 03/02/2022

D-Box Multifunction Device for Industrial IoT Applications

D_Box Multifunction Device for Industrial IoT Applications

Plug and play approach to IIoT Data Collection
D_Box is an electronic multifunction device for prototyping, MVP development & pilots in Industrial Internet of Things applications.
Wireless connection, many interfaces, flexible design.

Single board computer with many applications.
The device is a single-board computer with an ARM processor with a Linux operating system distribution and the peripherals are operated using appropriate commands.

Limitless Implementation
The device can be installed in any place, such as a production hall, farm, warehouse, construction site and many others. It is equipped in GSM module for wireless communication so it is suitable for mobile applications on trucks, construction vehicles, ships etc.

Remote Access
The device receives data from sensors or other devices and sends it using the GSM network to supervisory systems. It provides remote access to data from devices installed onsite. D_Box enables over-the-air updates and remote configuration of sensors.

Validated Technology
We have implemented D_Box has into a popular IT system for the dairy industry. It allowed automating the entire milk collection process, eliminating manual data entry about amounts of milk provided by farmers, transport optimization, and monitoring.

Hardware for special tasks
D_Box enables wireless communication via GSM, BLE and Wi-Fi networks and wired communication – CAN bus, USB, Ethernet, I2C.
Selection of external connectors, customized mounting options, custom branding and many more options are available to meet your needs.

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We can customize D_Box to meet the specificity of any application together with a web platform for managing, collecting, and processing data from your IIoT network.

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