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Computer Vision Community MeetUp 22.06.2023

Business Breakfast in Berlin


Computer vision is a field of science that involves creating systems that can process, analyze and interpret visual data the same way human vision does. It is one of the most powerful and enthralling forms of AI, which each of us probably uses on a daily basis without even realising it. What advances did computer visions make in robotics, cybersecurity, space and medtech sectors? What are the future trends of computer vision?

Join the Computer Vision Community MeetUp, talk to experts and network among the people from the CV community!


9:00 – 9:30

Registration & breakfast

9:30 – 9:40

Greeting of guests by moderator

9:40 – 9:50

Power speech by a special guest

9:50 – 10:10

Discussion panel

Machine learning for computer vision and where are the limits?

The discussion concerns the aspects of dynamical progress in the field of Machine Learning as applied to various computer vision tasks. It has proven to be very efficient and accurate, sometimes reaching levels of accuracy beyond human capabilities. Nevertheless, classical computer vision algorithms and analytical processing are still heavily relied on and cannot be easily removed from the vision processing pipelines. Therefore, we will discuss the boundaries of applicability of Machine Learning, future trends, and the importance of classical methods.

10:10 – 10:30

Fireside chat

Computer vision & Cybersecurity – opportunities and threats for business

Computer vision has the potential to enhance cybersecurity in a number of ways. What opportunities and what risks does it bring to business?

10:30 – 12:00


In the networking part of the event, our experts will be ready to answer your questions at the networking tables. Ask our experts from cybersecurity, space, robotics, agritech and medtech anything you want! Share your thoughts with other participants and expand your network! 

Get the unique knowledge

Find out the latest information on computer vision technology based on project experience.

Develop your network

Get to know the community around computer vision technology and build your network.

Consult your idea with experts

Do you have an innovative idea and seek a specialist advice? You have the opportunity for free technology & business consulting with our experts. 

Technology & Business consulting

Computer vision & Robotics and Space

Discussion and consultation with PhD Marek Tatara

With the development of Industry 4.0, innovations such as robotics and artificial intelligence are set to take over. What are the practical applications of computer vision technology in Robotics & Space? How to impement it to your product?

Computer Vision & Cybersecurity

Discussion and consultation with Łukasz Brandt

Would you like to use computer vision to monitor physical security in the workplace, detect anomalies in production robots or in network traffic? The possibilities are numerous. Consult them with Łukasz Brandt – find out what to look for when introducing computer vision technology into your business.

Computer Vision & Medtech

Discussion and business consultation with Josua Ziegler 

Do you want to develop a successful digital health product? Find out how aligning real human needs with business objectives accelerates innovation and significantly improves product-market fit.

Computer Vision & Agritech

Discussion and consultation with Artur Skrzynecki, Jan Glinko, Cezary Polak

How may computer vision increase farming’s productivity and labor efficiency? Learn more about possibilities based on project experience.


Friedrichstraße 23,
Berlin, Germany

Ground floor


PhD Marek Tatara 

Chief Scientific Officer and Tech Lead of the Deeptech team at, Assistant Professor at Gdańsk University of Technology, AI/ML Expert at M5 Technology, Member of the Polish Society For Measurement, Automatic Control And Robotics.

Areas of expertise: robotics, artificial inteligence, machine learning, computer vision

Karol Duzinkiewicz

Senior Computer Vision Researcher at Seasoned engineer with many years of experience in international tech companies. Currently holds a team leader role in gaze estimation projects developed in the company.

Areas of expertise: computer vision, machine learning, robotics

Justyna Pelc

Head of Community at Leader of the award-wininng Innspace group. Engineer with a passion for space industry, member of the Board of the Polish Astrobiology Society, Director of Strategy at Space Robotics Society. 

Areas of expertise: space industry, robotics, startups

Lukasz Brandt

Senior Security Analyst at His main professional interests include security of IoT systems, Systems of Systems (SoS), AI/ML security issues, cyber immunity in the context of cyber-physical systems (CPS), digital transformation and Industry 4.0/5.0. 

Area of expertise: cybersecurity

Jan Glinko

Machine Learning Researcher at He graduated from the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Informatics at the Gdansk University of Technology. He is interested in applying synthetic datasets for learning deep neural networks and in learning algorithms to reduce the amount of data required for effective network training.

Cezary Polak

Machine Learning Researcher at He graduated from the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Informatics at the Gdansk University of Technology. He is interested in using deep learning in biomedical engineering and also in generating synthetic data as photos and texts.

Artur Skrzynecki

Machine Learning Researcher at He graduated from the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Informatics at the Gdansk University of Technology. His areas of interest mainly focus on computer vision tasks, including biomedical data processing and deep neural networks training and evaluation. Apart from that, he also develops towards web development topics.

Marcin Połulich

General Manager at DAC.DeepTech. Servant Leader with over 16 years of professional experience across different areas of Software Development Industry. In his work he concentrates on assisting ICT leaders in growing as professionals.


Monika Dawidowicz

Senior Communications Manager at Tech enthusiast connected to the startup, investment and innovation ecosystem for years, carefully observing trends and bringing people together to use technology for a positive impact to the world.

Josua Ziegler

CEO at punktum. Before founding punktum he worked as a business consultant for CORE SE and Königsweg and led digital transformation projects in complex environments. He gained experience in the building of products for highly regulated markets in Europe and the Middle east across different industries. 

Area of expertise: medtech, healthtech

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