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Published: 02/09/2021

Choose the right outsourcing partner

Choose the right outsourcing partner

The popularity of outsourcing started in the ’90s and has only grown since then. The ongoing pandemic, however, has not left outsourcing unaffected. Especially support centers from countries like India need to deal with difficult situations caused by the increase in infections and lack of proper preventive actions, which results in enormous delays. Thanks to that, companies started to reevaluate their outsourcing strategies. 

Outsourcing IT services is not only a matter of the lowest price, but staff qualifications, work conditions, and the quality of the services. So the main question is: how do we choose the right outsourcing strategy?

What is outsourcing, and who is an outsourcing partner?

Outsourcing is a common business practice. The company hires a third-party provider (called outsourcing partner) to provide some services. Some of the prevalent outsourced tasks are IT services and technical support. 

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

Most companies consider outsourcing as a way to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency. So what are the most significant advantages of outsourcing?

  1. Time-saving

Outsourcing some operations helps companies to focus on their core business and solve capacity issues. On the other hand, hiring and preparing new employees generates operational costs.

  1. Lower costs 

By focusing on a particular service, the outsourcing partner can perform tasks better, faster, and thus – cheaper than the client would do it on its own. 

  1. Savings on additional infrastructure

Outsourcing gives access to advanced technology without significant investments. A third-party company takes over the responsibility related to preparing appropriate infrastructure to perform the commissioned tasks.

  1. Expertise and innovation

Companies rely on outsourcing providers’ expertise. Deloitte’s report shows that outsourcing can bring innovation to the organization. 58% of companies noticed increased quality outsourced services, 38% improved user experience, and 31% increased client revenue growth.

  1. Flexibility

Outsourcing is a great solution when you deal with high seasonal demand and helps you to quickly acquire extra staff and release them when they are no longer needed.

Choose the right outsourcing partner

Choosing the right outsourcing partners

How to choose the best IT outsourcing provider? We know selecting the right technology vendor from a growing number of potential partners worldwide can be a challenge for many organizations. It is not only a matter of the lowest cost. You should also consider additional aspects to have high-quality services, timely execution, and trouble-free communication. 

What are the criteria for selecting an outsourcing provider we suggest?

Choosing the right technology provider demands considering many aspects of such a partnership:

  1. Experience in the relevant technology area and domain knowledge
  2. References
  3. Company culture
  4. Method of communication
  5. The onboarding process for clients
  6. Emergency plan and risk management
  7. Data management
  8. Issue of rates
  9. Project development
  10. Financial stability of the service provider
  11. High-quality product

Do you want to know more? We have prepared an article with the essential factors to pay attention to while selecting outsourcing partners. Check out our tips for a successful choice of vendor suited for your business needs.

Where should you look for top outsourcing companies?

Finding the right outsourcing vendor is not an easy task. So how should you start your journey with outsourcing? First, we suggest viewing portals that bring together proven companies. This way, you can reduce significant risk related to hiring an external company, choosing from the best technology providers.

One of the highly recommended portals is, the leading search site to discover and hire the top percentile of software development companies trusted by leading brands and startups. We are proud to announce that successfully verified as a Pangea software development team. As a result, we have joined an elite community of the top 7% of software engineers.

Why should you choose as your outsourcing provider?

We operate according to a long-term strategy. Our team consists of mid and senior developers who are independent and able to address and solve problems. They will not only advise you on the best solution but will also go a step further. For example, suppose the method of providing the service proposed by the customer is unfavorable. In that case, our team will communicate a counter-proposal to ensure the highest quality of the service offered.

Technology vendor with a deep understanding of technologies

We also perfectly understand the technologies we work with. Our experience results from many R&D projects that we have carried out within international consortia over the past years. Research and innovation are part of our DNA. We worked on successful solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things, autonomous farming, IoT/SoS automation and digitalization, and more. Thanks to this, we are up to date with the latest technologies on the market and even stay ahead of trends.

Technology is our way of solving problems. So it does not matter what technology your company works in – due to the high seniority of the team, we approach a given topic from the position of a solution engineer, not a code developer.

Practical problem solving for business

We do not think about easy earnings, but about how to effectively solve a given problem and help our customers develop their businesses and save time and money. For example, we can value projects under the fixed price model and then implement them so that the client’s budget, once defined, remains the same.

We believe in quality over quantity. Therefore, we will select a team that will perform a given task, not only fulfill the project roles assumed by the methodology.

People first

Our people are not a resource. The team and its well-being come first. This is confirmed by the results of a survey conducted by among our employees. Our team health score is 8.9/10.0, where our highest scores were 9.0/10.0 for well-being and 9.0 for culture.

We only work on projects consistent with our company’s strategy and allow our team to develop. This is our way to success.

Before we start working with the customer, we review the current state and present our conclusions. Our goal is to select the solution so that it is time and cost-efficient. Thanks to your cooperation with us, you receive several hours of senior counseling as part of getting to know each other and building trust and relationship.


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