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Published: 31/10/2022

Monthly recap: October events and activities at

A warm blanket and a relaxing evening with hot chocolate are what everyone associates with autumn. For, autumn is associated with more business events and conferences! Let’s see what October events we attended this year!

Memex Poland 2022

The most exciting October event for was of course Memex Poland 2022! After a successful meeting in Berlin, it was time for the first edition of the Memex conference in Poland. cooperated with eye square and organized an amazing event in Gdańsk.

The main topic was “Technology and The Art of Human Experience”. Speakers from various fields of research and business create an individual interpretation of the topic of human perception in context. It was a pleasure to hear a lot of different perspectives and learn from one another.

It was also a great opportunity to hear a lecture from Dr. Mateusz Bonecki, Head of Innovation, and Dr. Yash Chawla, our R&D Communication Advisor, talked about Artificial Intelligence and Deep Tech. Other than that, Memex also covered the topic of AI-generated art, gaming, insights into human perception, and the InContext research platform “SPARK”.

Thanks to everyone present at the Memex Poland 2022. We hope next year’s edition will be on your October events list.

Business Mixer

October was also a time for building international relationships. Due to the visit of our partners and companies from Turku, a sister city of Gdańsk, Radosław Szmit, Head of Growth, was present at a networking event: Polish-Finnish Business Mixer.

At the beginning of the meeting, to better understand each other and learn about each other’s business ideas, we held a pitching session. This allowed us to outline potential areas of cooperation. We also witnessed the signing of the European ICT Alliance agreement, which is the basis for building an international network of cooperation in the field of ICT technology.

The networking ended with the evening dinner and with lots of interesting success stories and relationship building. We hope that we will meet again soon!

Machine Learning Week Europe

The beginning of the month was full of conferences and trips. Bart Andrzejewski was present at Machine Learning Week Europe in Berlin – a regional platform for the European data science community. This October event provided another dose of new knowledge on a variety of topics and a place to share successes and insights with industry peers.

For over two days, Berlin was full of data scientists, analytics managers, and AI visionaries from sectors like pharma, manufacturing, marketing, and insurance. The main point of the event was 4 conferences: Predictive Analytics World for Business, Predictive Analytics World for Industry 4.0, Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare, and Deep Learning World.

Wolves Summit 2022

On the 20th and 21st of October, we were in Austria at Wolves Summit 2022! Justyna Pelc, Head of Community, and Bart Anderzejewski were there to represent This edition took place in weXelerate, Vienna, and the mission was to connect the CEE talent, tech, and innovation ecosystem to the global audience.

The main themes this year were all about the future and how to connect earth, nature, and technology. We learn more about the rise of sustainable tech, climate tech, and ESG strategies and also how we should reshape future finances.

At this October event we, as, have an opportunity to talk about deep tech during technology advisor 1:1 meetings and seek potential partnerships. At Wolves Summit we also could get to know new startups and hear talk about ClimateTech.

This is not the end of at the summits! Meet us at the beginning of November in Lisbon at the Web Summit 2022


Back to the space or back to the future? Another October event that was related to the future was Made in Wroclaw Conference and Expo! was not only present there but also one of us moderating one of the discussion panels!

Justyna Pelc talked about satellite technologies and their impact – what are the opportunities and threats of human interference in space and how can space exploration help us on Earth? The guests discussed the use of data from satellites in various industries, such as logistics, transportation, and agriculture.

This was such a pleasure that we could share our knowledge with others. Hoping for more of that opportunities!

Photoshoot at the office

We don’t need to travel far for the exciting event. At the beginning of October, at our office in Gdańsk, we had our first professional photo session! We usually do remote work, but for this special occasion, a lot of us gathered in one place!

This was an opportunity for us to work together, spend time with each other, and know more about our hobbies! A few brought their own guitars to show some skills and there was also a special tournament in table football. The photoshoot took place on Wednesday, so our weekly pizza day also got some time to shine! Stay tuned for more photos from that day.

Demium Roadshow in Warsaw

Last, but not least, October event that we went to was Demium Roadshow in Warsaw. Justyna Pelc, Bart Andrzejewski, and Krzysztof Radecki were there to represent us again!

Demium is a talent investment company to support the best professionals and helps them with digital and technological components. This edition of the roadshow brings the top 6 startups from the CE region, Ukraine and Poland, to present their projects. This was a great opportunity to see startups’ presentations on various topics, such as mental health, computer vision, or AI.

Are you interested in our activities? Check out what we’ve been up to in the past month and follow us on our social media to be along with news and upcoming events!

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