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Published: 27/09/2019

Building IIoT integration solutions for the European industry

Building IIoT integration solutions for the European industry

Last week we’ve hosted the first joint workshop for partners from Arrowhead Tools. Leaders from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, IncQuery Labs, Luleå University of Technology, University of Bologna, AITIA, and BnearIT met in Gdańsk to discuss their strategy for further cooperation within the project. The aim is to develop IIoT integration solutions.

Solutions in digitization and automation for the European industry

The purpose of the three-year project Arrowhead Tools (kicked off in May earlier this year) is to create engineering tools for the next generation of solutions in digitization and automation for the European industry. These tools will bridge the gap that currently prevents a complete integration of IT and operational technology. For example: how the industry works towards Industrial the Internet of Things (IIoT) and “system of systems”. responsible for IIoT integration solutions

The goal of the project co-led by is to develop an IIoT integration platform friendly for non-technical users and to reduce the engineering costs associated with the implementation of the Arrowhead Framework.

During the two-day workshop we have discussed the strategy of cooperation and shared experiences gained so far in the project. In addition, we addressed obstacles we met, and defined directions for future development. We developed design principles for tools implemented along with the whole Arrowhead toolchain: starting from tools supporting requirements management, architecture design, and system modeling, to development and deployment of the system, to its maintenance and evolution.

The next Workshop will take place for November 2019 and will take place in Porto.

About Arrowhead Tools

Arrowhead Tools project, with a budget of EUR 91 million, brings together 81 partners. It includes 28 universities and research institutes and 53 companies from, among others, the automotive, mining, electronics, and software industries. Among the companies are Volvo Truck Company, Bosch, Philips, Mondragon, and Infineon. Arrowhead Tools is funded by the participating companies and ECSEL-JU, a public-private partnership for electronic components and systems within the EU Horizon 2020 program. participation in the Arrowhead Tools project is also supported by the National Centre for Research and Development. More information here and here.