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What Are We Good At?

Projects is a company born out of numerous emerging-tech projects completed in the past 14 years. We serve as reliable technology providers and integrators in large, international consortia. Our internal deeptech team experiments with emerging technologies getting the skills and knowledge unavailable elsewhere.

Custom Software

We are known for high-quality services delivered on time. Our developers have the right expertise and passion for software and hardware projects. We are proud of their onboarding skills in the team extension model and ability to build a dedicated team quickly.

Dedicated Teams

We have proven excellence in delivering dedicated nearshore and offshore software development teams for customers from Europe and the USA. We work on Time and material basis with a dedicated delivery manager taking care of such a team, quality of service, budget management and direct communication with the customer.

What Is Tech Excellence For Us?


Our tech excellence comes from our 14-year experience in R&D projects for startups, scaleups & enterprises and completing over 100 software development projects.

Cross technology

We seamlessly merge diverse technological domains, fusing ideas, methods, and tools to spark innovation that truly makes a difference.

Experts with unique knowledge

Our specialists possess extensive years of experience, specializing in specific domains. They contribute their expertise and insights through scientific publications and by presenting at industry events and conferences.


Our end to end approach ensures that every step, every detail and every aspiration is seamlessly woven into a work of excellence.

Meet some of our experts

Przemek Szleter
CEO and Founder of He has supported and played an influential role in developing the Polish Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. He has served as the President of the Management Board of the most renowned Polish ICT Cluster, Interizon.

Damian Derebecki
Chief Operating Officer at Co-founder of ICT Interizon Cluster and several startups, including RoboNET. Skilled Project Manager with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. Implements a project management approach combining, creatively, agile and waterfall methods.

Krzysztof Radecki
CTO at  Accomplished executive with extensive experience in business intelligence, data integration, cloud computing and business analytics. Krzysztof has held leadership positions at renowned organizations such as CGI, Infomotion, and JLL before joining as CTO in 2019.

Marek Tatara, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer and Tech Lead of the Deeptech team at, Assistant Professor at Gdańsk University of Technology, AI/ML Expert at M5 Technology, Member of the Polish Society For Measurement, Automatic Control And Robotics.

Mateusz Bonecki, PhD
Chief Innovation Officer at, where he is responsible for R&D&I portfolio management and strategic partnerships for industry digitalization. Researcher, speaker, and executive with more than 10 years of high-tech industry experience.

Stanisław Raczyński, PhD
Distinguished professional with an impressive track record of 17 years in ML/AI and audio DSP research, coupled with 23 years of engineering experience. He has actively contributed to various applied research projects, demonstrating his expertise in signal processing, natural language processing, machine learning, and robotics.

Justyna Pelc
Head of Community at Leader of the Innspace group. Engineer with a passion for space, member of the Board of Directors of the Polish Astrobiology Society, Director of Strategy at the international organization Space Robotics Society.

Krzysztof Wołk, PhD
NLP Scientist/Technical Project Coordinator. Natural Language Processing Expert with PhD in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Experienced in AI related project management. Constantly developing. Very interested in dialog systems, human computer interaction, multimedia and signal processing.

Monika Dawidowicz
Senior Communications Manager at Tech enthusiast connected to the startup, investment and innovation ecosystem for years, carefully observing trends and bringing people together to use technology for a positive impact to the world.

Karol Duzinkiewicz
Senior Computer Vision Researcher at Seasoned engineer with many years of experience in international tech companies. Currently holds a team leader role in gaze estimation projects developed in the company. 

Łukasz Brandt
Senior Security Analyst at His main professional interests include security of IoT systems, Systems of Systems (SoS), AI/ML security issues, cyber immunity in the context of cyber-physical systems (CPS), digital transformation and Industry 4.0/5.0. 

Adrian Nicoś
Software Development Lead at Adrian has 14 years of experience in software design and development. Covers the full software development lifecycle for robust, scalable, and secure systems.

Need experts’ knowledge?

Are you creating material about technology and need expert knowledge? Contact us to get insisght from experts in AI, Data Science, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, Software Development and create unique content.
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We are speakers at industry events

We proudly take on the role of presenters at prestigious international conferences and cutting-edge IT events. Our constant desire to grow drives us to continually discover innovative insights and advancements among industry innovators. We are equally passionate about sharing the wealth of knowledge we have accumulated over time, nurturing a lively exchange of ideas and experiences with our committed audience.

In previous years, we have been participants and speakers at events such as: Memex Berlin, Digital Health Summit (Munich), Digital Leute Summit (Cologne), Digital Health Conference (Berlin), Machine Learning Week (Berlin), Silicon Saxony Day (Dresden), The International Astronautical Congress (Paris), Web Summit (Lisbon), ESA Industry Space Days (Noordwijk), Wolves Summit (Vienna), CES (Las Vegas), Memex (New York).

Check out our events schedule!

Review our event schedule to see which events and conferences we’re preparing to participate in soon. If you’re interested in discussing your ideas or inquiring about our experiences, don’t hesitate to arrange a meeting with our experts.
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Sharing knowledge is essential for us

One of our development goals is to share our knowledge and experiences. Be an authority in the industry, and grow together with our clients and the community. Whether through our blogs, newsletters, scientific reports and publications, webinars or speaking at industry events, we are dedicated to spreading expertise, refining ideas and nurturing a community built on collective wisdom.

Forbes Technology Council

Przemek Szleter, CEO of, is a member of the Forbes Technology Council – a community of world-class CIOs, CTOs and chief technology officers. Przemek regularly publishes articles in Forbes, sharing his experience of creating and managing one of the fastest growing companies in Europe.

Forbes Technology Council logo

Let’s dive into Deep Tech

How to transform your business into the next big thing with technologies that will shake up the future? Przemek Szleter – Founder and CEO of imparts valuable perspectives and trends concerning emerging technologies, fostering a community where inventive projects and implementations have a tangible impact on the world.

Portrait of Przemek Szleter, Founder and CEO of

Software Development Insights

“Software Development Insights” serves as a solid source of knowledge and valuable perspectives on managing, communicating and coordinating software projects. The content is delivered directly by Radoslaw Szmidt, Head of Growth at, offering first-hand insights.

Portrait of Radoslaw Szmidt, Head of Growth at

Publications & studies

R&D partners stands head and heels above the pack due to the prime R&D focus that we oriented ourselves to since the early days and stuck to it even when the going got tuff. Capable of creating novel and cutting-edge solutions, we have made it easier for clients and the community at large to embrace emerging technologies to gain an edge in business and bring about societal good.

Learn more about
Technical & Business Insights

We communicate our knowledge and proficiency through the publication of reports and studies. Within these documents, you’ll discover specialized technical and business insights derived from particular projects and experiences.

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What makes us different from the crowd is that from the beginning of the company our DNA is R&D and not only the technology but also scientific excellence. So a significant part of the team are people with PhD degrees. And that really helps us deliver top services, top high-quality services. quote icon

Przemek Szleter
Przemek Szleter Chief Executive Officer

Explore our projects

Our patents

One patent pending in Computer Vision field.

Two man computer vision specialists looking at computer screen

We create Communities

We believe that by working together and exchanging knowledge, we can create communities that not only unite people but also motivate them to make great changes and invent the next Big Things.

Kotlin Crew

Kotlin Crew is where Kotlin developers of all levels can share ideas, ask questions, and find new opportunities. If you are looking for real-life Kotlin use-cases, insights about language features, and integrations with other technologies – take your seat because you are in the right place. team member working in the office

Deep Tech Community

The Deep Tech Community brings together passionate enthusiasts of cutting-edge technologies driven by a desire to share knowledge and experiences and inspire each other to change reality through innovation. Up until now, we’ve hosted a single group meeting – the Computer Vision Community Meetup on June 22 in Berlin. However, we have exciting plans ahead, including more meetings and activities. We welcome you to join the group and stay connected for updates.

Tech Excellence Podcast

Join us at a new live podcast series and tell the world about your business or tech project, your journey from zero to hero and your definition of tech excellence. Share your story to inspire and educate others, gain extra exposure among the innovation community, and expand your network of connections. Applications for the first season are open.

We grow and develop

Our technological edge and extraordinary pace of development are made possible by the evolution of each team member. Supporting the continuous development of our employees remains paramount; that’s why we offer training, involvement in international projects and participation in scientific conferences and industry events. Together with the entire technology community, we catalyse innovation, shaping cutting-edge solutions and driving global change.

Proven value in every delivery 
– our awards

What do our clients have to say?


We are active members of international communities that bring industry leaders together from all over the world. In addition, we support and get support in utilizing emerging technologies and industry digitization.

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