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New York, USA | March 23, 2023  

Join us at Memex Conference USA 2023: Meaningful Attention, a private conference featuring influential figures from the forefront of implicit market research and top executives from the FMCG, social media, and film industries. It will take place on March 23, 2023, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

Our CTO Krzysztof Radecki is going to be a speaker there with a topic: “F👁️CUS – Putting a lens on what drives audience engagement”.

In the digital age, attention reigns supreme as the most significant asset, fast becoming its dominant currency. By focusing on the meaning of attention, media and user experience research can be honed to encapsulate the entire human experience, including the underlying motivations, the objectives ahead, and its current digital setting.

Neuropsychological and psychoanalytic theories can be merged to investigate how attention, seen as the internal psychological integration of perception, emotion, and cognition, can fulfill authentic desires. This renewed emphasis on meaningful attention not only poses different digital business challenges but also probes broader questions about our tech culture.

Meaningful Attention, the newest conference in the eye square series, centers on the fusion of man and machine. Drawing inspiration from Vannevar Bush’s “Memex” (1945) article, these events encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas among marketers, human experience experts, media researchers, and young Academics.

MEMEX 2023 speaker: CTO – Krzysztof Radecki


Discover how to use neural models and script analysis to optimize emotional impact and create films that truly resonate with audiences by attending Krzysztof Radecki ( CTO) and Jay Schweid’s (CEO & Producer, ephelants) presentation on “F👁️CUS – Putting a lens on what drives audience engagement” at:

Memex |  New York, USA | March 23, 2023

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