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The one&only publication about Kotlin.

As Kotlin Crew, we have prepared a unique publication. We offer you a book that will grow together with you and our Community. It’s like a never-ending source of knowledge and inspiration, and it’s all about Kotlin.


All about Kotlin

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Kotlin overview

Are you just starting your adventure with programming in Kotlin? Are you considering using Kotlin in the MVP of your new product? Or maybe you would like to develop new features of your working solution in new technology? We guarantee you will find something interesting in our book at every stage of your adventure with Kotlin.

Business insights

What projects is Kotlin best suited to? When should you consider switching from other programming languages to Kotlin to keep your project ahead of the competition? Will it work for every application? What do practitioners who successfully build their products based on Kotlin think about this technology, and what advice do they have for others? If you want to gain high-level knowledge about this programming language, sign up for the waiting list.

Technical tips & tricks

Would you like to know if Kotlin and Gradle are a perfect match? Do you know how to hide sensitive data in logs? Are you interested in custom metrics with Micrometer and Prometheus using Kotlin? We asked Kotlin developers to share their experience and knowledge.

Real-life use cases

Check the lessons learned from Kotlin practitioners and learn where you can use Kotlin to benefit your business and deliver extraordinary values to your customers. No matter what industry you’re in, you’re sure to find interesting tips.

Regular updates

We want this book to grow together with our Community. That is why you can be sure that every few months you will receive a refreshed position with insights from experts, practitioners, users and developers, whose experience you will be able to use in your own project.

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