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DAC10 logo newsletter as a research and development-driven company has innovation is its DNA. We are constantly looking for the latest and greatest ideas and technologies, and we believe in recognizing and celebrating those leading the way in their respective fields. 

Innovative thinking can bring a world-changing revolution; we know it’s not a solo work. Cross-industry teamwork is what can drive innovation to impressive lengths. And we’re very much team players.

This little hall of fame aims to spotlight innovative thinkers in different sectors, including those outside the IT industry. 

We’re not ashamed to admit that we’re doing well in being creative and breaking the boundaries between possible and impossible. But we know that many more cross-disciplinary, innovative geniuses are out there. DAC10 is our token of appreciation for the best of the best.

We dedicate each edition to the different industry where exciting changes are emerging on the horizon. 

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Industry recognition is an awarded and press-acclaimed company with a track record of successful  international collaborations, community-building and media presence. We are active members of international communities that bring industry leaders together from all over the world.

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In The Upcoming Edition of DAC10.

Kotlin based companies

We’d like to highlight 10 companies that have built their solution using Kotlin programming language in their backend and have contributed to the increasing popularity of this technology.

Our goal is to highlight companies whose solutions are innovative, perform well, and stand out in the market.

Benefits of Kotlin in the back end

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    Transportation and mobility industry

    Check the list of 10  innovative companies in transportation and mobility industry chosen for their innovation and impact on the industry.