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Published: 05/12/2022

A day in the life of Marketing Manager at

A day in the life of Marketing Manager at

Are you interested to know how we work daily and how we manage to schedule everything? Now it’s time to learn!

The marketing team is essential in – what do they usually do and how do they work? We asked Natalia Paprota, our Marketing Manager, a few questions about her job.

  • Q: First of all – tell us about yourself – what is your position at, how long do you work here and what is your role in the Marketing team?

A: I’m a Marketing Manager with a deep understanding of the technology sector thanks to several years of experience working in marketing for IT companies. Professionally, marketer by education with a passion for her job and a strong business background. I’ve been with since August 2022. My role in the company focuses on building a brand image and generating sales leads through marketing activities.

  • Q: What does a typical workday for a Marketing Manager look like?

A: A typical workday for a Marketing Manager starts with a big mug of coffee and includes a set of tasks that cover diverse types of marketing and business activities.  The day is not always predictable, but it does follow a pattern. There are typically lots of calls and meetings to attend, along with planning tasks to complete. As a Marketing Manager, I direct my team to achieve effective results while ensuring that all marketing strategies are in line with the company’s profit-maximizing goals.

  • Q: How do you decide what to do in a day and how do you schedule it?

A: Good planning skills are a key part of this process, as well as the ability to prioritize tasks and decide what needs to be completed before others. Further, if you have goals that need to be delivered, then your meeting schedule needs to be planned according to these goals. Now all you have to do is schedule them in your day so that they are reached!

Typical work day
  • Q: Describe what marketing is like at

A: Marketing in is extremely diverse. You can fulfill yourself by working with clients to write case studies, create social media graphics, prepare web content, or organize sales events. There is never a dull moment, and there is always something to do.

  • Q: What led you to

A: is more than just a software development company that I got used to working with, it also conducts research and development and integrates software with hardware. All of the projects we work on here are innovative. It really stands out from the competition.

We also asked Natalia about her job in general. For people who think about working in a Marketing Manager position or simply in marketing, these answers may be helpful!

  • Q: What are the most important skills you need to break into marketing?

A: Communication skills and a desire to learn are essential. If you don’t know something, don’t worry, you can learn it; however, you must be open to trying. You must also be open-minded, not take things personally, and accept constructive criticism. Never forget your worth and learn to express your thoughts and ideas.

How Marketing looks like
  • Q: Do you have any expert advice for our readers?

You don’t have to be perfect. You are not required to be flawless. You just have to TRY. Trying puts you ahead of 85% of the competition.

Thanks to Natalia, you now have a bigger picture of what working at is like as a Marketing Manager. Have her answers inspired you?

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