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Published: 24/05/2019

81 partners joining forces in meeting industry digitization and automation challenges

81 partners joining forces in meeting industry digitization and automation challenges

Last week representatives of industry and academia met in Gothenburg to kick-off Arrowhead Tools, Europe’s largest project for solutions in automation and digitization for the industry.

Project’s Kick-off

Arrowhead Tools Kick-off became an opportunity to discuss European and industrial investment in production automation and digitalization and the impact of emerging technologies on the global industry. Among the participants were the Minister for Enterprise and Innovation of Sweden, Ibrahim Baylan, the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries’ Klas Wåhlberg, as well as several European business representatives.

“Competitiveness is a key to our economic success. We need to embrace new technologies and a willingness to change. We must remember that the future is ahead of us, not behind us” — said Ibrahim Baylan, Sweden’s Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation.

The purpose of the three-year project Arrowhead Tools is to create engineering tools for the next generation of solutions in digitization and automation for the European industry. These tools will bridge the gap that currently prevents a total integration of IT and operational technology, i.e. how the industry works towards the Internet of Things (IoT) and “system of systems”.

“Arrowhead Tools will reach out to industrial clusters and digital innovation hubs to deliver digitization and automation solutions particularly essential for the digital transformation of manufacturing SMEs in Europe” — said Mateusz Bonecki, CIO at, in his talk on how the project will impact the European industry.

To find out more about Arrowhead Tools Kick-Off visit the official website:

Arrowhead Tools project

Arrowhead Tools has a budget of EUR 91 million and 81 European participants. It includes 28 universities and research institutes and 53 companies from the automotive, mining, electronics, and software industries. Among the companies are Volvo Truck Company, Bosch, Philips, Mondragon, and Infineon. Arrowhead Tools is funded by the participating companies and ECSEL-JU, a public-private partnership for electronic components and systems within EU Horizon 2020. is among 53 companies from the automotive, mining, electronics and software industries participating in the project with 28 universities and research institutes. participation in Arrowhead Tools project is supported by National Centre for Research and Development. More information here and here.

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