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Published: 11/01/2023

2022 at


This year has been an excellent success for Let’s see how much we grow and recap the most important moments from 2022.

2022 in numbers

First of all, consider what 2022 was like in numbers:

  • We have started 47 projects (and we are continuing some of them in 2023).
  • Our team started the year with 62 people on board and finished with 151
  • At the project discovery level, we had about 200 conversations with clients from Germany, Poland, Sweden, the USA, the Netherlands, the UK, Finland, Israel, Norway, and Canada.
  • We attended 25 technology events in New York, Boston, Lisbon, Berlin, London, Stockholm, Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Munich.
  • The new business department traveled more than 60 times for f2f meetings with clients.
  • Agile work is our specialty! Only 16 days from the first contact to the start of the project – this record was broken when working with Swiftly.
  • The most significant time difference we faced was 9 hours when working with a client in Los Angeles.
2022 in numbers

We also worked with various technological areas:

  • Blockchain
  • Computer Vision
  • UX/UI for product design
  • Kotlin and Java backend development
  • React and React Native frontend/cross mobile
  • DevOps with Azure, MWS, and GCP
  • Python for AI and ML
  • Hardware, firmware, and embedded systems development
  • IoT products development and IoT integrations

SoDA Awards

Compared to previous years, we achieved a 700% increase in sales and a 12-fold increase in our services exports. With these results, we became one of the fastest-growing IT businesses among medium-sized companies in Poland.

We were awarded for our achievements by SoDA at SoDA Award in growth and export categories this year!

Pomosty przyszłości

Another significant award we received this year was for the Pomosty Przyszłości competition. This time one specific and unique person ends 2022 with the statuette!

Przemysław Szleter, CEO and founder of, received the Pomosty Przyszłości award in the “Bridge to science” (“Pomost do nauki”) category for significant contributions to science and the development of R&D projects.

Memex Poland 2022

This year we also managed to organize the first edition of Memex Poland in Gdańsk! We created a forum where a blend of art and deep tech is a core of discussion and interactions. The central theme, “Technology and the art of human experience,” provided many exciting and profound presentations.

Hope we will see you at Memex Poland in 2023!

memex poland’s Christmas party

We ended this successful year with our first-ever Christmas Party. The meeting on the 34th floor at Olivia Star was a fantastic experience for all of #DACteam. Check out our social media for more photos from the night!

Christmas party

Sharing knowledge and experience – webinars and conferences

2022 was an opportunity to share our knowledge with others.

 In February, Marek Tatara, our Head of Science, led the webinar organized by together with SoDA. He spoke about methods for optimizing neural networks and discussed related issues with the operation of neural networks used in image processing. 

We shared our experience in various case studies. One of them is about Blockchain. In September, we also had a chance to talk about this experience at the Conduct at Sea and in Space conference held at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Gdańsk. Krzysztof Radecki, CTO of, spoke about Blockchain as a data trust layer for the space industry and introduced – our digital data notary.

The opportunity to spread the story and build awareness of our company comes once more at the end of the year. In December, Radosław Szmit, our Head of Growth, was invited to the SoDA: Locals in Gdańsk! He led the discussion and talked about progress in the lecture: Growth factors in software development agencies. A case study of 700%+ growth.

See how we can help you with our blockchain solutions.

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More trips, events, and activities…

We wrote about our trips every month, which only confirms how active we were this year. Let’s briefly recall some of our trips. 

Web Summit in Lisbon, Wolves Summit in Vienna, NFT.NY in New York, PyData Trójmiasto in Gdańsk… it’s just a few tech events we take part in this year. What did we do there? Participated in networking, discussed emerging technologies, and built new business relations through sharing ideas and seeking advice from others in our field.

We also spent much time in Germany this year – at Memex Berlin, Machine Learning Week, and Digital Health Conference. Besides that our Marketing team managed to interview two of our clients there.

One place we come back to every year is International Dairy Cooperatives Forum, and in 2022 we were also there. As a bronze partner, promoted MuuMap – a system for optimizing raw milk collection. You can check out more information about the system on the new website!

Other than business events, DACteam also managed to spend some time relaxing! In September, we went on a 3-day trip to the Tuchola Forest National Park. What did we do? Campfire, karaoke, swimming in the lake, and, of course, the program’s main point – kayaking. The next integration trip will be as fantastic as this one!

A significant part of the 2022 activities at was charity actions. We participated in the #TechForUkraine campaign, became Santa Claus for a while in “Santa Claus for Seniors”, organized a charity collection for the “Dog is privilege” campaign, and put our best skills up for the Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy auctions.

Learn more about eye square in our interview with Michael Schießl and Friedrich Jakobi

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What will 2023 bring us?

We enter the new year ready for new challenges. A lot of activities and new projects are planned, so stay tuned!

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