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Published: 10/02/2022

2021 at

2021 at

What a year! Summing up the year 2020 at we were very optimistic about the future. However, what we managed to achieve exceeded our wildest expectations! To celebrate our common work and all successes we have prepared a short summary of the year 2021 at

Work&life balance

The football team we support advanced to the First League in the largest amateur league in Poland – R-GOL Tricity Football League. This year team took part in an indoor competition and, as one of two teams out of 14 in their group, advanced to a higher level. This is not the only success. The team conceded the least goals in the Second League and was in the top 3 of all teams from all leagues and groups. They received the Best Defense award for their great performance.

Sharing blockchain experience

April was extremely busy for us. Our team members had the opportunity to present their blockchain experience at four events. We have presented our blockchain experience during an interactive Blockstart 1st Q&A Webinar. Krzysztof Radecki, our CTO, shared his tips for future Blockstarts’ applicants. Then we have joined European Blockchain Convention and taken part at the panel called “Should blockchain startups consider EU-funded accelerators?”. Together with Datarella, Infidia, and Kedeon we will briefly presented BlockStart and share our story. Agata Kukwa talked about blockchain applications during EU-Startups Summit 2021 and, at the end, Krzysztof Radecki shared our story and tips during “Exploring Blockchain Ecosystem: Collaboration Between Startups and SMEs” panel discussion.

Master of Innovative Transformation

On April 21, as part of the 3rd MIT Sloan Management Review Polska Congress, the gala of the 2nd edition of the Master of Innovative Transformation competition took place. We are incredibly proud that was one of the winners of the competition organized by the ICAN Institute. received a special mention from the Editorial Board of MIT Sloan Management Review and the title of Digital Organization. Our CEO, Przemysław Szleter, received the title of Master of Transformation, and Damian Derebecki, CPO – Master of Implementation. The Technology and Market category, in which we have been awarded, highlights projects related to the technological transformation of processes that significantly impact the market, customer, and business environment. These projects relate to areas such as product offering, communication channels, sales, and logistics.

Joining forces

We became a member of the Software Development Association Poland. SoDA’s goal is to promote, support, grow and integrate Polish software companies. Our goal is to support the software development community with our knowledge and experience. We believe that participation in the association will expand our network and help to establish fruitful relationships with other companies operating in the Polish software development sector. 

Best of the best

Another success! was successfully verified as a Pangea software development team. As a result, we have joined an elite community of the top 7% of software engineers. Furthermore, this will enable us to provide unparalleled transparency about our organization through our Pangea profile for both current and future collaborations.
The work we performed during the verifications brought us a priceless insight into our organization. We did an honest examination of conscience and put a lot of effort into getting the most out of this process. Our team health score is 8.9/10.0, where our highest scores were 9.0/10.0 for well-being and 9.0 for culture. 

The Practical AI Day

12 Polish and Finnish companies took the stage at The Practical AI Day, an official SHIFT Business Festival side event, and showcased their new AI-based products and services. made a presentation titled: Shaping digital future with Edge Artificial Intelligence.

Collaboration for blockchain acceleration

We have announced the international collaboration between Polish and Romanian companies working together to accelerate blockchain technology adoption in the Maritime industry. We aim to build a complete prototype to prove that blockchain can be seamlessly plugged into any existing IT infrastructure. Our team is going to build a dedicated solution based on the technology developed in our spin-out company,

Dairy Cooperatives Forum 2021

We were present as a bronze sponsor at the International Dairy Cooperatives Forum, the eighteenth edition of one of the most important #dairyindustry conferences. This was an opportunity to promote the device – D_Box. D_Box a set of devices implemented in the proprietary IT system for the dairy industry called MuuMap, with the help of which over 60% of milk in Poland is transported.

Our solution allows you to automate the entire milk collection process, while reducing errors in the recorded number of liters of milk provided by farmers, eliminating the possibility of fraud and forgery during milk collection, automatic control of entered information, reduction of manual data entry, as well as the possibility of dynamic route changes.

Eagle of the innovation was awarded in the “Eagle of Innovation” competition organized by the Rzeczpospolita in the “Enterprise” category. The jury appreciated our product for the dairy industry called D_Box. D_Box is a set of devices that have been implemented in the proprietary transport management IT system for the dairy industry, with the help of which over 60% of milk is transported in Poland. The system has already been awarded in the Master of Innovative Transformation 2021 competition by ICAN Institute and MIT Sloan. The award is such a prestigious competition for us, a confirmation of the value that D_Box brings. awarded in the “Eagle of Innovation” competition.

Memex Conference

Memex conference under the title “See the Experience” examined the interconnected topics around market research and human experience. Mateusz Bonecki had the opportunity to explore the hypothesis that so-called machine learning has more in common with unrestricted inquiry and scientific discovery rather than with teacher-guided education.

One more award

That’s not the end. We have been awarded in the Pomeranian Economic Griffin 2021 competition in the Innovation Leader category. The competition aims primarily to promote entrepreneurial attitudes, support and initiate innovative and pro-development projects, especially those consistent with the objectives of the Pomeranian Voivodeship Development Strategy 2030, as well as disseminate good business practices. The jury appreciated our commitment to research and development. awarded the Pomeranian Economic Griffin

Supporting Gdańsk Model United Nations

We had the pleasure to support the Gdańsk Model United Nations (GDNMUN).It is a conference during which delegates from around the globe represent states different from their native ones. Agata Kukwa, our Head of Communications, announced a competition in which participants are asked to write an essay on how #emergingtechnologies can support equal wealth distribution now and in the future.

What is Artificial Intelligence Today?

The participants of the “Data Science After Hours” event had the opportunity to listen to Mateusz Bonecki, CIO at, and his presentation entitled Machine Learning vs Machine Discovery. What is Artificial Intelligence Today? He talked about the sense in which “today’s” artificial intelligence is a continuation of the dethronement of theoretical science by data science announced by Chris Anderson (Wired) over a decade ago.

Polish-American Innovation Bridge

Technology is not necessarily associated with a positive impact on the environment. The development of our economy is adversely changing our planet. This does not mean, however, that the technology is bad. Mateusz Bonecki with other Invited guests talked about solutions that allow us to implement positive changes – reduce resource consumption or monitor environmental pollution during Polish-American Innovation Bridge 2021.

Polish-American Innovation Bridge

Block.IS Final Event

We’ve presented our advancements in automation of balancing and tracking of returnable packaging in logistics ecosystems during Block.IS Final Event in Brussels. The project has been part of Block.IS acceleration program that aims to build an open and collaborative cross-border, cross-sectoral innovation ecosystem that fosters the use of blockchain technology in three vital sectors for the European economy: agrifood, logistics, and finance.


To make long story short: it was a great year for our company! The numbers speak for themselves:

🔥24 New Clients signed
🔥9 New International Markets entered
🔥233% Growth of #DACTeam compared to 2020
🔥250% Growth of our revenue compared to 2020

We can’t wait for what 2022 will bring!

2021 at

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